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Burn Injury Lawyers in San Francisco and San Jose, CA

A burn injury is generally characterized as injury to the skin caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, light, radiation or friction. Most burns affect only the skin. On rare occasions deeper tissue burns occur, affecting muscles, bones, and blood vessels.

Burn injuries, the time it takes to heal, and living with the aftermath can wreak havoc on the lives of the victims involved. When the carelessness or negligence of a person or organization causes burn injuries, people are left devastated. The Alexander Law Group, LLP has been litigating burn injury cases for over 30-years.

If you have been involved in an accident causing burn injuries, we are here to help you.

If you've sustained burn injuries, you need knowledgeable attorneys on your side. The award-winning attorneys of the Alexander Law Group, LLP are here to help you with your burn injury case. We have the experience needed to succeed. We are here to fight for you.

"When 12,000 volts exploded in front of me, my whole life changed. The first lawyer I hired was slow, visited me in the hospital and told me my case was hopeless. Ten months later Richard Alexander explained to me what he could do...my scars will always be there, but my financial future will always be secure thanks to Richard Alexander and his firm. They are great lawyers for which I am forever grateful. Dick is a great lawyer, and a friend for life. They don't come any better." - Dave McNabb

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You may be able to recover money for injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

While money cannot make up for the devastating aftermath of burn injuries, it can help ease the financial burdens caused.

The correct medical treatment is vital to the successful recovery of a burn injury.

First-degree and light partial-thickness second-degree burns are often treated with first aid in the home or on an out-patient basis with the family physician or urgent care center. Deeper second, and full-thickness third and fourth-degree burns can require specialized treatment in a burn treatment facility.

Burn injuries are extremely painful and can result in disfiguring and disabling scarring, amputation of affected parts, or death in severe cases.

Complications such as shock, infection, multiple organ failure, and respiratory failure can occur. The treatment of burns may include: the removal of dead tissue (debridement), applying dressings to the wound, administering large volumes of intravenous fluids, administering antibiotics, skin grafting, and reconstructive surgery.

A few decades ago, burns covering half the body, or more, were often fatal. Thanks to research and significant advancements in treatment options, people with burns covering 90% of their bodies can survive. Even with advancements in burn treatment and reconstruction, these survivors will live with permanent impairments and scars.

Our Record of Success in Burn Injury Cases

Our track record of winning results speaks for itself. Here are a few cases we have won for our clients:

  • $750,000 recovered for burn injuries caused by a defectively designed electrical switch injuring a Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) lineman.
  • $975,000 recovered for the loss of the hand and forearm of a 35-year-old man after a defective cross-arm on a utility pole had rotted and caused a major distribution line to drop close to the ground.
  • $1.68 million recovered for a man rear-ended in his 1969 BMW 1600. The BMW exploded into a fireball and caused third-degree burns to 65% of his body.
  • $8.5 million recovered for electrical burn injuries that led to a triple amputation suffered by a teenager trespassing on railroad property, climbing on a box car, and having 12,000 volts arc from the overhead catenary wire.
  • $15.5 million recovered for a man who suffered electrical burns over 65% of his body after he was told to repair an electrical switchbox where the power had been left on, after he was told the power had been shut off.
  • Confidential Settlement Award recovered for a 9-year-old boy who was burned by a model rocket engine that shot up his sleeve at a school science fair. The suit was filed against the Palo Alto Unified School District, the boy's teacher, and the Stanford University engineering professor who set off the rocket.
  • Confidential Settlement Award recovered for the families of four teenage boys, who were burned to death when a defective 1978 four-wheel-drive Dodge Ramcharger over-turned at 20 miles per hour, landed on its roof in a creek bed and burned.

*All cases are different and these figures do not represent a guarantee of outcome.

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