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Wrongful Death Lawyers Serving the San Francisco and San Jose, CA, Area

Accidental deaths are one of the leading causes of fatalities in the United States every year. The National Safety Council reports that a fatal injury occurs every five minutes in the US.

According to the 2011 report there were over 150,000 accidental deaths in the U.S. in last year. The most frequent causes of accidental deaths are motor vehicle accidents, falls, poisonings, choking, fires and smoke.

If someone close to you has died due to the negligent, reckless, or intentional behavior of another party, it is essential that you contact a well-established personal injury law firm as soon as possible. The law firm you choose should have extensive experience and expertise in wrongful death cases and in particular the type of accident that caused the fatality to your loved one.

A wrongful death action is intended to compensate the plaintiffs for their own losses rather than the losses incurred by the deceased. The plaintiffs are not entitled to certain types of damages normally recoverable in a personal injury claim, such as medical expenses, lost income and property damage. These claims belong to the wrongful death victim's estate and may be recoverable by the personal representative of the victim in what is called a survival action.

While a wrongful death action compensates the heirs for their own losses as a result of the victim's death, the claims in a survival action belonged to the wrongful death victim and passed to the victim's estate upon death.

Maximizing the chance of success of a wrongful death action requires through preparedness and an experienced team of litigators. Proving the potentially high worth of a wrongful death case requires a great deal of skill and experience. Among the many responsibilities and tasks required of lawyers prosecuting a wrongful death include:

  • Establishing life expectancy. This requires a sophisticated analysis of the victim's age, health, activities, lifestyle and occupation.
  • Determining the amount of lost financial support suffered by the heirs in a wrongful death case. If the decedent was supporting the heirs financially at the time of death, an economic analysis of the victim's employment history, past wages, and expected future wages is required to ascertain the amount of economic damages to which the heirs are entitled.
  • Establishing a monetary value in a wrongful death claim for loss of companionship, society and comfort. By their very nature these are non-economic damages and therefore not quantifiable through formulas or expert testimony. The extent of compensation heirs can recover in these types of damages relies a great deal on the preparation and experience of the lawyers retained in the case. Convincing juries of the amount to which the heirs are entitled for these damages must be done skillfully through the lawyer's capacity for persuasion and advocacy.

Proving and explaining liability and resulting monetary damages in a wrongful death case to a jury requires not only talent, skill and extensive trial experience but the use of experts to establish the damages incurred by the heirs. As a result wrongful death cases are expensive to pursue. To ensure success with your wrongful death action make sure the attorney you retain has the resources to use only the best experts and trial exhibits to prove damages.

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