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San Francisco Product Liability Lawyer

San Francisco consumers purchase and use an astounding number of different products each year. These products can range anywhere from medications to Sport Utility Vehicles. The number of various products available is countless. When a product is purchased and ends up being defective, there can arise more than mere disappointment. Defective or faulty products have the ability to cause personal injury, property damage, and even the death of the end user or bystanders. Due to the potentially dangerous aspects of defective products, you should familiarize yourself with San Francisco products liability laws.

By Definition

Products liability is an area of tort law where the manufacturers, distributors, supplies, and retailers are all held accountable (or liable) for the injuries, damages, or deaths that their products cause. Simply put, any person or entity in the chain of supply of a product from its initial design, all the way to its sale, are responsible for any harm it may cause as the result of a defect. The end user of a product doesn't even have to be the person who purchased it; it could be a gift, borrowed, or the person injured could be an innocent bystander. Claims involving products liability typically fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Negligence
  • Strict Liability
  • Breach of Warrant
  • Consumer Protection Laws

Types of Defects

Products can acquire defects which cause harm, injure, or kill consumers in one to three areas of its production or creation.

Design Defects

These defects are created when the product is designed and before it is manufactured. Design defects make the product inherently dangerous regardless of how carefully it is manufactured, sold, or labeled.

Manufacture Defects

Defects acquired during the manufacturing process of a product are called manufacture defects. This is usually as the result of using sub-par or shoddy materials, faulty equipment, or machine operator error. Not all renditions of the product need to be defective; in general most of the product is manufactured correctly. In this type of defect, it is this small percentage of products which have manufacture defects that cause personal injury or death.

Failure to Warn Defects

When a product doesn't have sufficient, has misprinted, or is missing warning labels then it is said to have a failure to warn or marketing defect. These defects prevent the consumer from being properly informed of the potential hazards associated with using a product. Regardless of how well the product was designed or manufactured, if not labeled correctly it can cause serious personal injury or death.

California Strict Liability

In cases of strict liability, negligence on part of the defendant doesn't need to be established. The mere fact that a defective product caused harm, injured, or killed the end user or bystander is grounds enough for a claim. There are things to take into consideration when filing a claim for products liability:

  • The product needs to be used as sold, unmodified, and unaltered.
  • The product needs to be the causation of your injury.

When pursuing a case of products liability in San Francisco, it is key to keep the item in question that caused the harm, injury, or death. Refrain from throwing it away or altering it. It should be kept in a safe place in its original condition so that it may be examined later on in court (if needed). If the item is a car then avoid releasing its control to an insurance company. Take information down from witnesses that may have observed the defective product, their testimony later on could prove to be vital.

Take Action

Defective products have the potential to ruin, destroy, and end lives. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a defective product, contact one of our experienced San Francisco products liability attorneys today. Here at Alexander Law Group, we have decades of extensive experience handling major products liability cases. We have the resources and knowledge needed to take on the largest of corporations, even in class action lawsuits. Our firm has helped our clients recover millions of dollars in damages for the pain and suffering they have incurred as a result of defective products. Below you'll find a brief recount of a few of the cases we have won for our clients.

  • $1.2 million recovered due to a defective SUV, which rolled over, killing the driver.
  • $1.655 million recovered due to the delamination of a used tire which caused an accident.
  • $200 million recovered due to defective Nissan mini-vans which caught on fire (class action).
  • $120 million recovered due to rear hatch door failures on Chrysler mini-vans (class action).

* Because all cases are different, these figures do not represent a guarantee of outcome.

The San Francisco products liability attorneys at Alexander Law Group will fervently work with you to procure all possible monetary compensation you are entitled to due to a defective product. Our goal is to help our clients receive proper compensation for their pain and suffering as the result of defective products. We realize that this is a difficult time for you and know it can be hard to associate a dollar amount to an injury. Fortunately, this is an area our attorneys specialize in. Our results speak for themselves. You can reach one of our San Francisco products liability attorneys at 1.888.777.1776. Alternatively, you can reach us by e-mail and we will get back to you promptly.

When our firm accepts cases, we operate on a contingent fee basis. Simply stated, if we don't win your case, you don't pay anything.

When a defective product causes harm, injures, or causes the wrongful death of someone you know, you need knowledgeable attorneys on your side. We are here to help you with your products liability case. We have the experience needed to succeed. We are here to fight for you.

Please call or contact us today.

While the results that we have obtained in other cases and our clients' testimonials do not guarantee, promise or predict the outcome of your case, we do promise to do our very best for you in your case.

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