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Burn Injury lawyer in the San Francisco, CA, Area

It can be the stuff of nightmares. Memories alone of the incident can wreak emotional havoc on the lives of the survivors. Victims and families are forever changed. Burn injuries are arguably one of the most painful, horrific things a human being can endure. The physical and emotional anguish suffered by burn victims is often accompanied by tremendous medical expenses. In San Francisco, fires and burns represent the 5th leading cause of accidental death. Nationwide, the Burn Survivor Resource Center reports that there are approximately 2.4 million burn injuries each year. This number illustrates a frightening reality -- burn injuries are becoming incredibly more common.

At a Glance

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the American Burn Association, and several other government agencies report on burn statistics annually. Their findings reflect the cruel, often common nature of burn injuries in the United States.

  • Burn Injuries receiving medical care in the United States total approximately 500,000 annually.
  • An estimated 4,000 people die each year due to burn related injuries.
  • Every day, 435 children are treated in Emergency Rooms for burn injuries.

Types and Causes

Burn injuries can be sustained from many different things, many of which are present in our day to day lives. Typically, burn injuries fall into four main groups / causes:

Radiation Burns

This type of burn can range in causation from over-exposure to the sun, to tanning booths, to prolonged exposure to X-Rays. The most prevalent type of radiation burn is a “sun-burn”. As tanning beds are being used more frequently, they are also an increasing source of radiation burns.

Fire or Open Flame or Heat

Residential and automobile fires constitute the largest number of burn injuries in this class. Fireworks and defective products can also cause these types of burns. Cooking equipment is the leading cause of home fire and burn injuries. Heat type burns can be caused by faulty products. Curling irons that get too hot, hair dryers, and clothing irons are just a few examples.

Electrical Burns

These burn injuries are caused by either an electrical shock, discharge, or short-circuit. Typically these burns occur in industrial-type settings where significant amounts of power (electricity and amperes) are handled. Industrial or work related electrical burn injuries can be catastrophic. Electrical burns are usually accompanied by underlying internal injuries to organs, mainly the heart muscle. Many times this internal injury may not be noticed until it is too late, making these types of burn injuries more tragic.

Chemical Burns and Scalding

Overheated coffee, excessively hot tap water, a boiling cauldron, all of these examples can create scalding type burns. Statistically, these are the types of burns that young children are more prone to. Chemicals burn injuries, however, are the result of bodily contact with either an acidic or basic substance. Many household cleaning chemicals can cause chemical burns. It should be noted that chemicals burns aren’t just limited to liquids, powders are capable of burning as well. Burn injuries caused by chemicals are also present in industrialized areas of employment. As many industries use various chemicals in their process, more cases of chemical burns are being reported.

Remember, there are many different sources / causes of burn injuries. The aforementioned is a sampling of various common types of burns and how they are classified.

Take Action

Burn injuries can radically change the lives of the victims who survive them. Medical expenses for doctors and treatments can reach in the millions of dollars. If you have been the victim of a burn injury as the result of another’s negligence or a defective product, contact an experienced San Francisco burn injury attorney at Alexander Law Group today. Our firm is dedicated to restoring the quality of life to the victims and families of those ravaged by burn injuries. The burn injury attorneys at Alexander Law Group have helped clients recover millions of dollars in compensation for the tragic injuries they have sustained. Below is a sampling of some of our recoveries.

  • $8.5 million recovered for a teenager who suffered electrical burns on a train track.
  • $1.68 million recovered for a man who was rear-ended, causing his car to explode.
  • $750,000 recovered for a line-man who, while working, was electrocuted on the job.
  • $3 million recovered for the family of a burn victim who died as a result of a faulty fuel system.
  • $975,000 recovered for a volunteer worker electrocuted by a downed line.

* Because all cases are different, these figures do not represent a guarantee of outcome.

The San Francisco burn injury attorneys at Alexander Law Group will fervently work with you to procure all possible monetary compensation entitled to you after your injury. Our goal is to help our clients receive proper compensation for their pain and suffering as the result of a life-changing burn injury. You can reach one of our San Francisco burn attorneys at 1.888.777.1776. Alternatively, you can reach us by e-mail and we will get back to you promptly.

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