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Personal Injury Lawyers Across the USA (list)

The attorneys listed below have experience in personal injury cases.

This list is not a recommendation and the use of this list does not constitute a referral, but rather a place to start your own personal evaluation. Begin networking after reading two important articles that can be found on this website: "How to Hire the Right Lawyer" and "Understanding the Fee Agreement."

Capitalized names are known to be highly qualified and well regarded, but only an informed consumer can determine who will be the best professional for a particular case and the choice is yours. Once you identify someone who can help, call and begin your conversation by telling them "Richard Alexander a trial lawyer in San Jose, California told me to talk with YOU and here's my situation." Personalize your approach to get the help you need. Lawyers are like anyone else: they want you to want them because of who they are and a little praise goes a long way. Be prepared with a brief statement of your case and what you hope to accomplish. You may very well find the "right" lawyer for your case using this list, but this list is not the final word. The final decision, after careful inquiry, is your personal choice.


Daniel F. Aldridge Huntsville 256.534.3188 howandald@aol.com

Richard G. Alexander Mobile 334.438.3666

Margie Searcy Alford Birmingham 205.520.5030 margialfor@aol.com

Michael L. Allsup Birmingham 205.324.3800 ma@bainbridge-straus.com

M. Clay Alspaugh Birmingham 205.324.5635

David M. Andres Tuscaloosa 205.345.3551

D. Leon Ashford Birmingham 205.328.5330 leon@hwnn.com

Jere Locke Beasley Montgomery 334.269.2343 / 800.898.2034 jlb@bwamc.com

George M. Beason, Jr. Huntsville 256.533.1667 george@mblawhsv.com

William J. Benton, Jr. Phoenix City 334.297.6534

Andrew W. Bolt, II Birmingham 205.733.0644 awbolt@boltlaw.com

Charles Y. Boyd Gadsden 205.547.6801

Frank S. Buck Birmingham 205.933.7533

Gary F. Burns Gadsden 205.547.5466

Clifford L. Callis, Jr. Gadsden 256.442.6102 callisstov@aol.com

Samuel A. Cherry, Jr. Dothan 334.793.1555 amason7697@aol.com

Ernest Cory Birmingham 205.328.2200 / 800.852.6299 ecory@cwcd.com

John T. Crowder Mobile 334.471.6191 adm@cbycb.com

Gregory S. Cusimano Gadsden 256.543.0400 gscckrk@aol.com

Tom Dutton Birmingham 205.322.8880 tdutton@4theplaintiff.com

Thomas R. Edwards Wetumpka 334.514.1011 / 888.514.1011 tedwards2@mindspring.com

J. Keith Givens Dothan 334.793.1555 lanfly@aol.com

Stephen K. Griffith Cullman 334.734.0456

John W. Haley Birmingham 205.328.5330 john@hwnn.com

Edward L. Hardin, Jr. Birmingham 205.930.6900 ed.hardin@caremarkrx.com

FRANCIS H. HARE, JR. Birmingham 205.803.4000

Frank H. Hawthorne, Jr. 334.269.5010 fhoward1@mindspring.com

Stephen D. Heninger Birmingham 205.322.5153 steve@hbv-law.com

R. Ben Hogan, III Birmingham 205.324.5635 / 800.223.2535 bhogan@hogan-smith.com

L. Andrew Hollis, Jr. Birmingham 205.322.8880 andyh@4theplaintiff.com

E. Clay Hornsby Alexander City 256.329.2000 morrishayn@webshoppe.net

Ralph W. Hornsby Huntsville 256.650.5500

Garve W. Ivey, Jr. Jasper 205.221.4640

James C. King Jasper 205.221.5297 / 877.221.5297 jck262@aol.com

Jeffrey C. Kirby Birmingham 205.322.8880

James R. Knight Cullman 256.734.0456

Betty C. Love Talladega 205.362.6670

David H. Marsh Birmingham 205.879.1981

Steven A. Martino Mobile 334.433.3131 stevemartino@jtmlaw.com

Jeffrey W. McKinney Huntsville 256.536.0770 mckinney@law-injury.com

Julian L. McPhillips, Jr. Montgomery 334.262.1911

Kenneth J. Mendelsohn Montgomery 334.834.2228 kjm@jandmlaw.com

C. Delaine Mountain Tuscaloosa 205.349.1740 stockmn1@aol.com

Christopher E. Peters Mobile 334.432.3700 cpeters44@aol.com

W. Lee Pittman Birmingham 205.322.8880 leep@4theplaintiff.com

James R. Pratt, III Birmingham 205.328.5330 jim@hwnn.com

Robert F. Prince Tuscaloosa 205.345.1234 bprince@ppclaw.com

Stephen Shay Samples Birmingham 205.328.5330

Henry H. Self, Jr. Florence 205.767.2570 102640.651@compuserv.com

William W. Smith Birmingham 205.324.5635 wsmith@hogan-smith.com

Leah Oldacre Taylor Birmingham 334.365.2221 taylorlaw9@aol.com

Richard H. Taylor Mobile 334.433.3131 / 800.256.7728 richardtaylor@jtmlaw.com

Ted Taylor Prattville 334.365.2221 taylorlaw9@aol.com


Jerry L. Thornton Hayneville 334.548.2514 jlthornton@mindspring.com

William L. Utsey Butler 205.459.3791 utseylaw@tds.net

Lanny S. Vines Birmingham 205.324.4000 / 800.999.5669 emondvines@aol.com

Joe R. Whatley, Jr. Birmingham 205.328.9576 / 877.395.3238 jwhatley@whatleydrake.com

David D. Winniger Birmingham 205.322.3663 lawyer@winingerlaw.com

David G. Wirtes, Jr. Mobile 334.471.6191 dgw@cbycb.com

Allen G. Woodard Andalusia 334.222.9115 awoodard@alaweb.com

Terrell Wynn Birmingham 205.328.5330 terrell@hwnn.com

James A. Yance Mobile 334.471.6191 klh@cbycb.com


Rita T. Allee Fairbanks 907.452.1261

William G. Azar Anchorage 907.344.3434 wga@arctic.net

Rex Lamont Butler Anchorage 907.272.1497 rexattys@alaska.net

Robert M. Cowan Kenai 907.283.7187 cowan@ptialaska.net

Hugh W. Fleischer Anchorage 907.264.6635 hfleisch@aol.com

Gregory J. Grebe Anchorage 907.277.0077 / 800.490.3946 ggrebe@alaska.com

David Karl Gross Anchorage 907.274.0057 david@murphyclarklaw.com

Richard L. Harren Wasilla 907.376.2355

Ronald P. Kemby Ketchikan 907.225.9346 hemby-keller@worldnet.att.net

Marc W. June Anchorage 907.277.5234 junelawyer@cs.com

Ward M. Merdes Fairbanks 907.452.5400 aklaw@ptialaska.net

Dennis M. Mestas Anchorage 907.277.9496 dmestas@alaska.net

W. Michael Moody Anchorage 907.276.1700 wmm@acglaw.com

Joseph L. Paskvan Fairbanks 907.452.1205 hplaw@mosquitonet.com

Michael J. Schneider Anchorage 907.277.9306 mjspc@gci.net

Robert H. Wagstaff Anchorage 907.277.8611

Dale J. Waither Anchorage 907.279.9999 dwalther@customcpu.com

Phillip Paul Weidner Anchorage 907.276.1200 weidner@ak.net


Richard W. Abbuhl Phoenix 602.248.7604 rwa@rglaw.com

Robert G. Begam Phoenix 602.254.6071 / 800.285.0481 begam@amug.org

Charles M. Brewer Phoenix 602.381.8787

Garry B. Bryant Tucson 520.322.9000 gbryant@azstarnet.com

Kenneth P. Clancy Phoenix 602.258.5749 lcmpc@uswest.net

Gene M. Cullan Phoenix 602.200.8700

THOMAS F. DASSE Scottsdale 480.998.8222 tsdasse@aol.com

Barry M. Davis Tucson 520.622.6900 bdavis@dakotacom.net

Thomas J. Davis Tucson 520.293.8751 lawyers@rtd.com

Steven C. Dawson Phoenix 602.494.3800 dandrpc@uswest.net

James C. Dutson Mesa 480.962.0500 james.dutson@azbar.org

Frank Andrew Fila Yuma 520.783.8811

Albert M. Flores Phoenix 602.271.0070

Steven M. Friedman Phoenix 602.254.6071 / 800.285.0481 smfphx@aol.com

G. David Gage Phoenix 602.258.2102

Les Gilbertson Tucson 520.622.6756 les@lesgilbertson.com

Glynn W. Gilcrease, Jr. Tempe 602.897.0990 gwgil@goodnet.com

Richard D. Grand Tucson 520.622.8855 injury@azstarnet.com

Jill H. Grossman Scottsdale 602.948.9424

Suzanne R. Gular Phoenix 602.808.6400

Richard M. Gulbrandsen Mesa 480.833.8800 rmg@futureone.com

Charles W. Gurtler, Jr. Bullhead City 520.763.6969

DALE HARALSON Tucson 520.792.3836 daleharalson@msn.com

William T. Healy Tucson 520.790.1400

Leroy W. Hofmann Phoenix 602.254.5341 hsslaw@aol.com

Harold Hyans Tucson 520.790.6500 hhyams@haroldhyams.com

Burton J. Kinerk Tucson 520.790.5600 kbsd@azstarat.com

Colleen L. Kinerk Tucson 520.790.5600 clk8895@aol.com

Joel R. Kirschbaum Phoenix 602.263.9203 joel.kirschbaum@azbar.org

Amy G. Langerman Phoenix 602.240.5525 alangerman@uswest.net

Richard Langerman Phoenix 602.240.5525 richard@langermanlaw.com

Samuel Langerman Phoenix 602.240.5525

James J. Leonard, Jr. Phoenix 602.258.5749 lcpc@goodnet.com

Frank Lesselyong Phoenix 602.252.4861 youngala@aol.com

Douglas B. Levy Tucson 520.790.3055 dnlevy@liveline.com

Lawrence K. Lynde Phoenix 602.944.5710 larrylynde@msn.com

Denis R. Malm Lake Havasu City 520.855.5115 / 800.462.9873 drm1@ctaz.com

Leonard J. Mark Phoenix 602.257.0200

Stanley J. Marks Phoenix 602.254.6071 / 800.285.0481 blmw@aol.com

Daniel P. Massey Phoenix 602.264.1077 masseydp@aol.com

Martin H. Mathers Phoenix 602.258.0646 martin.mathers@azbar.org

Patrick J. McGroder, III Phoenix 602.957.1500 pmcgroder@aol.com

Scott A. McKay Phoenix 602.957.1612 scottamckay@aol.com

Ronald D. Mercaldo Tucson 602.624.4405 ronald.mercaldo@azbar.org

John E. Osborne Tucson 520.620.3975 josborne@the-eagle.com

Steve H. Patience Mesa 480.833.8800 / 800.501.2782 stevepatience@earthlink.net

Richard S. Plattner Phoenix 602.266.2002 / 877.805.4529 rplattner@plattner-verderame.com

Sara J. Powell Phoenix 602.966.4447 lawslp@aol.com

John J. Relihan, Jr. Phoenix 602.242.2125

Alfred W. Ricciardi Phoenix 602.248.8203 awr@hsjlaw.com

Leighton H. Rockafellow Tucson 602.750.1800 rocklawl@aol.com

Daniel R. Salcito Phoenix 602.254.5341 hsslaw@aol.com

Silas H. Shultz Tucson 520.577.7777

Brian E. Smith Yuma 520.783.8811

Robert Stephan, Jr. Phoenix 602.241.1400 rstephan@mail.com

Gerald J. Strick Phoenix 602.285.4404 hobart55@aol.com

Cindy Hansel Strickland Phoenix 602.285.4400 cindy.strickland@tsla.com

Charles J. Surrano, III Phoenix 602.264.1077

Anthony D. Terry Tucson 520.293.8751 lawyers@rtd.com

Calvin C. Thur Scottsdale 602.368.9888 Thurlaw@aol.com

Michael E. Trauscht Tempe 480.838.7000

Richrad T. Treon Phoenix 602.285.4400 office@tsla.com

Walter R. Ulman Phoenix 602.230.2144 ebuit@aol.com

Michael J. Valder Phoenix 602.258.1899 valderlaw@aol.com

Clague A. Van Slyke, III Tucson 520.325.8660 clague.a.vanslyke.III@azbar.org

Frank Verderame Phoenix 602.266.2002 / 877.805.4529 fverderame@plattner-verderame.com

James E. Vieh Scottsdale 602.707.5000 jed99@hcme.com

Roy Ward Flagstaff 520.774.2773 roybwardaz@aol.com

Elliot G. Wolfe Phoenix 602.254.6071 / 800.285.0481 blmw@aol.com

Daniel I. Ziskin Phoenix 602.234.2280 dan@adoptz.com


Blair Arnold Batesville 870.793.3821 blairarnold@cel.net

Frank H. Bailey Mountain Home 870.425.6041 / 800.420.8260 fbailey@baileylawfirm.com

Darryl E. Baker Little Rock 501.324.4066 dbaker@cei.net

H. David Blair Batesville 870.793.8350 hdb@blastlaw.com

Ted Boswell Bryant 501.847.3031 boswelllf@worldnet.att.net

Ralph M. Cloar, Jr. Little Rock 501.666.6682 / 888.394.1338 rmcatt@aol.com

Robert R. Cloar Fort Smith 501.783.1186 bcloar@ipa.net

Winslow Drummond Little Rock 501.376.3021

Phillip J. Duncan Little Rock 501.868.2500 duncan@duncanrainwater.com

B. Michael Esley Forrest City 870.633.1447 bmeasley@arkansas.net

Don R. Elliott, Jr. Fayetteville 501.442.7575 drejrgolf@aol.com

Bob Estes Fayetteville 501.521.4900 / 800.211.1287 bobestes@arkansas.net

Gary Eubanks Little Rock 501.372.0266

E. C. Gilbreath Fort Smith 501.782.7770 attysatlaw@aol.com

Troy Henry Jonesboro 870.932.4522 thhht@bscn.com

Sam Heuer Little Rock 501.372.0566 sam@heuer-law.com

William Gary Holt Little Rock 501.372.0266 tjh122354@aol.com

Ike Allen Laws, Jr. Russellville 501.968.1168 firm@lawsmurdoch.com

William F. Magee Lewisville 870.921.4249 bmagee@magnolia-net.com

James Bruce McMath Little Rock 501.376.3021 brcue@mcmathlaw.com

Philip H. McMath Little Rock 501.376.3021

Sandy S. McMath Little Rock 501.396.5414 / 800.362.6284 smcmath@aristotle.net

Peter A. Miller Little Rock 501.374.6300 / 800.726.6300 pmiller@aristotle.net

George H. Niblock Fayetteville 501.521.5510 niblock@arkansas.net

Bobby L. Odom Fayetteville 501.442.7575

Frederick S. Spencer Mountain Home 870.425.6984 / 888.425.6984 rickspencer2@compuserve.com

Hugh F. Spinks Little Rock 501.372.0266 / 800.522.5260 hughspinks@aol.com

William H. Trice, III Little Rock 501.372.4144 bill@hthfirm.com

TAB TURNER North Little Rock 501.791.2277

Mark Vehik Little Rock 501.376.3021

Morgan E. Welch Little Rock 501.376.9900 mwelchatty@aol.com

Bill B. Wiggins Fort Smith 501.783.4318 bwiggins1@prodigy.net

David H. Williams Little Rock 501.372.0038 dwilliams@dhwilliamslawfirm.com


Marilyn Biggs Adkins Denver 303.832.5648

John Thomas Baker Denver 303.571.4030 jbaker@braggbaker.com

W. Randolph Barnhart Englewood 303.793.0770 rbarnhart@bhblaw.com

Jeffrey A. Bogue Denver 303.382.1990 bkmlaw@bkmllc.com

Warren B. Bosch Denver 303.573.7777 wbb@bbccm.net

Douglas E. Bragg Denver 303.571.4030 dbragg@braggbaker.com

Andrew T. Brake Englewood 303.806.9000 / 800.352.1398 abrake@worldnet.att.net

Joseph J. Branney Englewood 303.793.0770 jbranney@bhblaw.com

Ralph Adrian Cantafio Steamboat Springs 970.879.4567

Roger T. Castle Denver 303.839.8251

James H. Chalet Denver 303.861.1042 jchalet@aol.com

Philip Cockerbille Denver 303.321.6413 prcpclaw@uswest.net

Frank W. Coppola Denver 303.573.7777 fwc@bbccm.net

Patricia Dean Denver 303.295.8464 pdean@hollandhart.com

John W. Dunn Vail 970.476.0300

Jack M. Englert, Jr. Denver 303.295.8298 jenglert@hollandhart.com

Gene E. Fischer Ft. Collins 970.482.4710

W. Harold Flowers, Jr. Boulder 303.443.7900 whf@hurth.com

John D. Gehlhausen Lamar 719.336.9071 gelhausen@aol.com

JAMES L. GILBERT Arvada 303.431.1111 jlgilbert@worldnet.att.net

Peter A. Goldstein Colorado Springs 719.633.7705 pagpc@prodigy.net

William R. Gray Boulder 303.442.3366 / 800.200.3120 bgray@pgglaw.com

William J. Hansen Denver 303.399.6037 mcderhans@aol.com

Neil Hillyard Englewood 303.793.0700 nhillyard@hblegal.com

James M. Hult Boulder 303.447.1632 jmh@trial-lawyers.com

Brad R. Irwin Denver 303.320.1911 injurynet@aol.com

Kenneth A. Jaray Colorado Springs 719.633.6620 kjaray@frii.com

William L. Keating Denver 303.534.0401 bkeating@fkwlaw.com

Jack Kintzele Denver 303.892.6494 jkintlaw@aol.com

Jim Leventhal Denver 303.759.9945 jim@leventhal-law.com

Gerald P. McDermott Denver 303.399.6037

J. Conrad Metcalf Boulder 303.442.0173 jcmetcalf@trine-metcalk.com

William E. Myrick Denver 303.837.9280 wemlaw2@aol.com

John A. Purvis Boulder 303.442.3366 jpurvis@pgglaw.com

John G. Salmon Englewood 303.771.9900 salmonlawoffice@aol.com

Richard F. Schaden Broomfield 303.465.3663

Lawrence J. Schoenwald Denver 303.837.9000 sskllc@aol.com

Robert A. Schuetze Denver 303.864.1000 rschuetze@cmblaw.com

Lance M. Sears Colorado Springs 719.471.1964 sands@iex.net

Darla Kaye Scranton Specht Lamar 719.336.4887 dspecht@ria.net

Lee N. Sternal Pueblo 719.545.9746 lnslaw@earthlink.net

Victoria C. Swanson Colorado Springs 719.471.1984 sands@rmi.net

Larry Trattler Denver 303.861.1133 tratlaw@aol.com

WILLIAM A. TRINE Boulder 303.442.0173 btrine@trine-metcalf.com


Robert B. Adelman Bridgeport 203.331.8888

Carl D. Anderson Norwich 860.886.8845 / 877.886.5550

Albert R. Annunziata New Haven 203.787.1102 arapc@hotmail.com

Peter J. Bartinik Groton 860.445.8521 psb@grotonlaw.com

James D. Bartolini Hartford 860.522.1196

Christopher Bernard Bridgeport 203.336.4421 cbernard@koskoff.com

Richard A. Bieder Bridgeport 203.336.4421 rbieder@koskoff.com

Thomas Cadden Meriden 203.634.7569

Stewart M. Casper Stamford 203.325.8600 scasper@casperdetoledo.com

David W. Cooney Hartford 860.522.1196

William R. Davis Hartford 860.522.1196

Stephen C. Embry Groton 860.449.0341 ctlaw@tiac.com

William F. Gallagher New Haven 203.624.4165 wfg@gallagher-calistro.com

Joseph D. Garrison New Haven 203.777.4425 jgarrison@garrisonlaw.com

Aaron L. Gersten Hartford 860.522.0173 aaron@gerstenandgersten.com

Andrew S. Groher Hartford 860.522.1196 / 800.344.5297 agroher@riscassidavis.com

Ira B. Grudberg New Haven 203.772.3100

Robert J. Guendelsberger New Milford 860.354.4444 / 877.850.2533 gtlawyer@aol.com

R. Bartley Hallora Hartford 860.493.1923 hallor2@connix.com

Edward F. Hennessey Hartford 860.275.8280 ehennessey@rc.com

Joram Hirsch Bridgeport 203.331.8888 jhirsch@ahnlaw.com

John J. Houlihan, Jr. Hartford 860.522.1196

Howard A. Jacobs New Haven 203.772.3100 / 888.772.3101 hjacobs@jacobslaw.com

Michael C. Jainchill Hartford 860.522.1196

John J. Kennedy, Jr. New Haven 203.865.8430

Michael P. Koskoff Bridgeport 203.336.4421 mkoskoff@koskoff.com

Joel H. Lichtenstein Bridgeport 203.336.4421 jlichtenstein@koskoff.com

James M. Marinelli New Britain 860.826.1799

Gerard McEnery New Haven 203.624.2667 gerardm@sinoway-mcenery.com

Paul J. McQuillan New Britain 860.225.7667 jmdnbct@worldnet.att.net

Joseph A. Mengacci Waterbury 203.753.9291 jmengacci@dhom.com

Garrett M. Moore Cheshire 203.272.5881 wyelenak@ct2.nai.net

Richard L. Newman Bridgeport 203.333.8888 rnewman@ahnlaw.com

Gregory E. O'Brien Cheshire 203.272.5881

Brian W. Prucker Stafford Springs 860.645.3858

Robert I. Reardon, Jr. New London 860.442.0444 reardonlaw@aol.com

Stephen Reck Pawcatuck 860.599.4000

Frank J. Riccio Bridgeport 203.333.6135 fricciojd@aol.com

Scott N. Roberts Groton 203.446.2077

Cindy L. Robinson Bridgeport 203.335.5145 lawfirm@tremont-sheldon.com

David N. Rosen New Haven 203.787.3513

Ronald T. Scott Hartford 860.522.3343 rscottbps@aol.com

Matthew Shafner Groton 860.445.2463 osskm@snet.net

Robert R. Sheldon Bridgeport 203.335.5145

Richard A. Silver Stamford 203.325.4491

Barry J. Sinoway New Haven 203.624.2667 sinoway-mcenery@usa.net

Robert A. Slavitt Norwalk 203.838.7555

William J. St. John, Jr. Waterbury 203.757.0311

Michael A. Stratton Bridgeport 203.336.4421 mstratton@koskoff.com

William J. Sweeney, Jr. New Britain 860.827.6453 wjs@sweeneygriffen.com

Ernest F. Teitell Stamford 203.325.4491 eteitell@sgtlaw.com

Frederic S. Ury Westport 203.226.8088 fred@urymoskow.com

John R. Williams New Haven 203.562.9931 jrw@johnwilliams.com

Stephen P. Wright Milford 203.878.0661 spw@quidproquo.com


John M. Bader Wilmington 302.655.0500 jbader@tomarlaw.com

A. Richard Barros Dover 302.734.8400 arb@dol.net

Joseph W. Benson Wilmington 302.656.8811

Charles Brandt Wilmington 302.652.2050 cbrandt@b-dpa.com

Clayton E. Bunting Georgetown 302.856.0015 cebunting@whblaw.com

Edward T. Ciconte Wilmington 302.658.7101 crw@dol.net

Thomas C. Crumplar Wilmington 302.656.5445

Bartholomew Dalton Wilmington 302.652.2050 bdalton@b-dpa.com

H. Clay Davis, III Georgetown 302.856.9021 claydavis@davislawoff.com

Eric Doroshow Elsmere 302.998.0100 / 800.632.9230 ericdoroshow@dplaw.com

William Erhart Wilmington 302.651.0113 billerhart@aol.com

James A. Erisman Wilmington 302.658.4000 jerisman@devolaw.com

Frederick T. Haase, Jr. Wilmington 302.421.5900 govbiggs@aol.com

Robert Jacobs Wilmington 302.656.5445 rjacobs@dca.net

Morton R. Kimmel Wilmington 302.571.0800 mrkimmel@kcrlaw.com

Stephen B. Potter Wilmington 302.658.8940

Joseph J. Rhoades Wilmington 302.427.9500 rhoadeslaw@aol.com

John J. Schmittinger Dover 302.674.0140

Walt F. Schmittinger Dover 302.674.0140 schmitti@dmv.com

Bayard J. Snyder Wilmington 302.657.8300 / 800.657.8302 snyder90@aol.com

Joseph W. Weik Wilmington 302.655.4040 jwelk@attys4u.com


Michael A. Abelson Washington 202.331.0600

Kenneth J. Annis Washington 202.785.2244 kjannis@erols.com

Edward C. Bou Washington 202.223.1934

Harlow R. Case Washington 202.879.7777 harlowcase@olender.com

Peter A. Chapin Washington 202.659.1200 schapinpc@aol.com

Peter T. Enslein Washington 202.625.2850

Thomas F. Fay Washington 202.638.4534 thomasfay@aol.com

Michael H. Feldman Washington 202.416.6313 mfeldman@dc.ashcraftlaw.com

Roger C. Johnson Washington 202.659.5500

Bruce J. Klores Washington 202.628.8100 bjk@klores.com

Aaron M. Levine Washington 202.833.8040 / 888.868.5380

Wayne M. Mansulla Washington 202.783.6400 mansula@aol.com

Thomas P. Meehan Washington 202.530.3300 tmeehan@smcalaw.com

Barry J. Nace Washington 202.463.1999 / 800.529.2628 bjn@lawtort.com

JACK H. OLENDER Washington 202.879.7777 jhopc@olender.com

Charles C. Parsons Washington 202.638.3375 ccparsons@aol.com

Patrick M. Regan Washington 202.463.3030 pregan@rhllaw.com

Sandra H. Robinson Washington 202.879.7777 shrobinson@olander.com

Lewis Saul Washington 202.364.9700 lsaul@lewissaul.com

Ronald Simon Washington 202.429.0094 rs@ronsimon-lawoffices.com

Dean Elliot Swartz Washington 202.429.0429 / 800.257.6140 swartzreed@earthlink.net

James W. Taglieri Washington 202.785.3373 jim@cadotag.com

Kenneth M. Trombly Washington 202.887.5000 / 800.673.8158 trombly@erols.com

J. E. Wingfield Washington 202.789.8000 j.wingfield@mciworld.com


C. Wayne Alford Jacksonville 904.355.3311 akthefirm@aol.com

W. Riley Allen Orlando 407.423.8822 wra@iag.net

Brett D. Anderson Miami 305.374.5343 bander3920@aol.com

Kenneth E. Apgar Tampa 813.221.1001

Diego C. Asencio West Palm Beach 561.844.0840 silky@mindspring.com

Theodore Babbit West Palm Beach 561.684.2500 pattirn@gate.net

Steven A. Bagen Gainesville 352.377.9000

Michael K. Bailey Orlando 407.628.2929 mikelaw4u@aol.com

William A. Bald Jacksonville 904.355.1155 dalebaldfl@aol.com

Joel M. Barnett Miami 305.271.8282 waksbar@aol.com

F. Gregory Barnhart West Palm Beach 561.686.6300 / 800.533.5011 fgb@searcylaw.com

David A. Barrett Tallahassee 850.222.9000 b&afirm@barrettlawyer.com

Charles H. Baumberger Miami 305.373.0708 baumberger@rbrlaw.com

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Weldon Earl Brennan Tampa 813.225.4000

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Lane Burnett Jacksonville 904.355.0515

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William C. Gentry Jacksonville 904.356.4100

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Marvin Kurzban Miami 305.444.0060

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Larry Sands Daytona Beach 904.258.1622

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Diana Santa Maria Davie 954.434.1077

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John Scarola West Palm Beach 407.686.6300

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Harry M. Schwenke Ft. Lauderdale 954.563.4883 hsbs@worldnet.att.net

Charles H. Scully St. Petersburgh 813.898.0818 cscully@tampabay.rr.com

Christian D. Searcy West Palm Beach 561.686.6300 / 800.533.5011

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Richard W. Slawson Palm Beach Gardens 561.625.6260 / 800.681.8882

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Samuel Spatzer Miami 305.665.6099

Martin J. Sperry Ft. Lauderdale 305.463.2244

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Bill Wagner Tampa 813.225.4000 wagnerlaw@aol.com

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Dianne Jay Weaver Ft. Lauderdale 954.763.8181 dweaver@krupnicklaw.com

Kent G. Whittemore St. Petersburgh 813.821.8752

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Bradley Winston Plantation 954.475.9666 brad.winston@worldnet.att.net

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Council Wooten, Jr. Orlando 407.843.7060

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Evan J. Yegelwel Jacksonville 904.632.2424

C. Steven Yerrid Tampa 813.222.8222 syerrid@yerridlaw.com

Scott Young Deerfield Beach 954.426.8226


Virgil Adams Macon 912.743.2159

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Monroe J. Feldman Atlanta 404.881.0800 feldman1@mindspring.com

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RALPH KNOWLES Atlanta 404.881.8900

G. Mcgregor Jordan, Jr. Macon 912.741.1109

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RICHARD H. MIDDLETON, JR. Savannah 800.222.8678 rhmjr@lawmat.com

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Ann-Margaret Perkins Carrollton 770.834.2083 amperkins@plflaw.com

Cliff C. Perkins, Jr. Carrollton 770.834.2083

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Donald F. Ruzicka Atlanta 404.876.8100

Brent J. Savage Savannah 912.231.1140 eastbay@aol.com

Andrew M. Scherffius Atlanta 404.881.6464 / 800.521.2867 scherffius@aol.com

Kenneth L. Shigley Atlanta 404.364.1999 kshigley@mindspring.com

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