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What the Spinal Cord Is and How it Works

Wednesday, August 02, 2017By Richard Alexander

The brain is like a factory. It’s always manufacturing new ideas, sending out orders, and taking feedback from the body. However, without some way to deliver and receive all those thoughts and feelings, brains would be useless. The Spine is the delivery service that takes everything to and from the brain. With all the body’s nerves going to the same place, it’s the perfect expressway for the brain.

When people think about doing something, the thought travels across the brain, into the spine, and then to the body part that needs to move. Obviously if only one part of the body could move at a time there would be major issues, but the brain and spine work so quickly that people can move body parts in unison, even all the parts of their body at once!

The spine is segmented into five sections, each one controlling a different set of body parts. The cervical section controls the neck, diaphragm, shoulder, wrist, triceps, and fingers. The thoracic section controls the muscles between our ribs, hands, and abdomens. The lumbar section is responsible for hips, quadriceps, feet, and knees. The sacral section takes care of the bladder. The coccygeal section contains the tailbone.

Not only does the spine send out signals to each part of the body, it also takes signals like pain or pleasure and relays them to the brain. That way it allows people to learn from what they’ve done so they know to avoid doing something harmful again or to pursue actions that make them feel good. If spines didn’t relay the information from nerves to the brain, people could be harming themselves without even knowing it.

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