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What Makes a Lawyer a Lawyer, Anyway?

Friday, June 23, 2017By Richard Alexander

Who is a lawyer?

So, what makes a person qualified to be a lawyer? What is it that a lawyer knows or does that you cannot do on your own? Well, these questions may have crossed your mind several times. However, the truth is that a lawyer is the only licensed professional who can represent and advise you in legal matters. In the U.S., a lawyer is also known as an attorney.

Legal qualifications

To become a lawyer, one needs to go through special schooling. It isn’t easy to become a lawyer. Before one can practice in courts or to represent clients in legal matters in the U.S., it is necessary to complete legal schooling and pass a state bar examination. A licensed legal practitioner or lawyer is also required to take an oath, swearing to uphold the laws of the state and federal constitutions. It is only after passing successfully through the above-mentioned steps that one can engage in the practice of law.

Your legal needs

Now that you know what it takes to become a lawyer, do you realize all the ways lawyers can help in your life? From buying a car to renting an apartment, your rights and duties are always bound by legal rules and regulations. You do not need a lawyer for all these day-to-day legal interactions. However, there are many times when the best course of action is to hire an attorney to advocate for you and your rights.

When do you need a lawyer?

While a lawyer is not necessary to represent yourself in every legal situation, when significant rights are at stake, such as when you have been badly injured in a car wreck, it pays to hire an experienced attorney. After all, would you rather have nonlawyers, friends, and family members guiding you in legal matters or someone who is specifically trained and experienced in the laws of your state?

It can be easy to feel discouraged from hiring a lawyer, especially when you're trying to make ends meet. However, a lawyer is the only person who is qualified to protect your rights and trained in law to guide you in the right direction. And when you hire the Alexander Law Group as your personal injury lawyers, you get a free initial consultation, and you never have to pay attorney's fees up front.

The experienced personal injury and accident lawyers at Alexander Law Group, LLP have the skills and experience to assure that you receive the compensation you and your family deserve for any damages you have suffered in an accident. Delay can result in the permanent loss of personal injury rights. Don't put it off. Contact us online or call now: 888.777.1776.

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