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Walking There Safely: California Laws Governing Pedestrians

Wednesday, July 26, 2017By Nina Shapirshteyn

Walking is an essential part of life. The two things we normally learn first as humans are how to walk and talk. But even though walking becomes an innate activity for us, it’s also very dangerous. Pedestrians account for 22 percent of deaths from traffic accidents in California. Therefore, it’s a good idea for pedestrians and drivers to stay safe and alert.

Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings, especially in an area that is known for having more pedestrians than usual. Drivers should always stop for pedestrians crossing at crosswalks, even if they are unmarked or there is no signal for it. Drivers of electric or hybrid vehicles need to remember that their cars make less noise and are more of a hazard to pedestrians who won’t hear your car.

Just as drivers are prohibited from passing a school bus with its red lights flashing, you should refrain from driving past a car that is stopped at a crosswalk. It is the same principle—you may not be able to see if there is a pedestrian crossing the street in front of the car. Always be aware of road signs for pedestrians and make sure you yield to them.

Pedestrians should likewise be wary of their surroundings. Be sure to use crosswalks and sidewalks whenever you can. If you see a car and aren’t sure whether to cross or not, make eye contact with the driver and be sure that they acknowledge you and let you pass. If you cannot make eye contact, err on the side of safety and wait.

When walking on a street without sidewalks, pedestrians should walk against traffic as far from the pavement as possible. That way, you can see if an approaching car might come toward you. Brightly colored clothes or even reflective outerwear are advisable for nighttime walking, especially when forced to walk near the pavement.

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