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Using Surveillance Cameras to Investigate Truck Crashes

Thursday, March 29, 2018By Richard Alexander

It is commonly believed that truck accidents are overwhelmingly attributable to truck driver error. The factors leading to trucker error include speeding, inattention, fatigue and unfamiliarity with roads. But, in fact, a new study on trucking accidents found that almost 80% of truck crashes are the fault of other motorists on the road. Truck company owners have a vested interest in assessing the liability of their truckers in accidents and absolving their employees of fault when other factors caused the collision. Technology can help with this effort and ultimately help resolve litigation in a more efficient and cost-conscious manner.

Video surveillance that can be used to reconstruct accidents may come from a variety of sources. Cameras may be situated on highways and roads where accidents take place. Videos recorded by bystanders and driver-facing cameras inside trucks can also be useful in reviewing the specifics of an accident. But many trucking companies are taking the extra step of installing platforms that allow for improved video capabilities. Averitt Express, a leading freight transportation company in the United States, has implemented the SmartDrive video-based safety program. The company chose to outfit its carriers with this technology in order to improve safety, reduce costs, and help exonerate drivers in the event of an accident.

The trucking fleet chose the SmartDrive Shield program to accomplish these objectives. SmartDrive Shield offers enhanced video capabilities, almost 200 hours of recording time, and services to oversee the operation of the system. The SmartDrive system has been embraced by truckers according to the company. Its ability to record accidents appeals to drivers who can rely on the video system to exonerate them when they are not at fault. And if the driver is at fault, the video camera footage can help establish a settlement range. Since the implementation of these systems, Averitt has noted a reduction in accidents and a reduction in liability costs.

Experts agree that video technology significantly helps direct the course of an investigation when there is an accident. In particular, video data is useful when examiners are trying to determine the speed of the trucker, when the trucker applied the brake, the throttle and engine load, and whether safety systems were used. Because of the extent and reliability of the information that can be attained, many believe that video technology can be instrumental in determining liability in a number of cases.

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