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Understanding Car Rental Insurance and Liability

Friday, March 23, 2018By Richard Alexander

When you rent a car, you may be perplexed about whether you should purchase insurance offered by the car rental company. Car renters should consider a number of factors, such as whether they already have personal insurance and whether the car rental company’s insurance provides something different. Rental car companies may attempt to increase the cost of the rental by offering coverage that renters already have. Obtaining the proper insurance is always essential for protecting yourself in the event of a car crash, but drivers should be informed about what they are buying and whether they need it.

Rental Car Insurance Options

Rental companies have various types of insurance available for renters who choose to purchase insurance. Insurance can be obtained for the vehicle, theft or damage of personal items, liability in a crash, and the driver himself. Coverage may include some or all of these protections, but in all cases these coverage options are not mandatory.

Insurance Coverage You Already Have

In many cases, you are already protected by your car, home, life, or health insurance policies. Your credit card may also provide coverage for some incidents. For example, rental companies offer a collision damage waiver. This means that, for a daily fee, the rental company will waive some or all of its cost in the event that the car is damaged or stolen. This applies only if the car was not operated in a reckless manner or driven by someone who was not authorized to drive it. In most states, unless the insured waived this protection, a driver’s primary auto insurance already provides this type of coverage for a rental. Even if your primary auto insurance does not include this protection, you may still be covered through your credit card. Many premium credit cards offer this coverage to card holders subject to certain restrictions.

Coverage You Might Consider Purchasing

Car rental companies offer supplemental liability insurance to cover damage to property and injuries to others that result from the driver’s actions. Standard car insurance policies must include a minimum amount of liability insurance under state law. In most cases then, a driver is already covered. However, if the driver needs additional rental coverage for some reason, or he does not have his own auto insurance policy, he might consider supplemental liability insurance, which provides up to $1 million worth of coverage.

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