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Tips to Avoid Summer Tragedy: Keeping Your Pets and Children Safe

Monday, August 14, 2017By Nina Shapirshteyn

Summertime can be the most fun season of the year. Pools, the beach, sports, and so much more are just a few of the fun activities that are associated with summer. Unfortunately summer can also be one of the most dangerous times for people, their pets, and their children. Luckily there are some tips you can follow to make sure your summer stays as fun, relaxing, and safe as possible.

The first set of tips is for prevention of child heatstroke. One of the biggest causes of heatstroke in children comes from when they are left in an unattended vehicle. Children suffer heatstroke and can die when their body temperature reaches 107 degrees. The temperature in a car can reach 110 degrees even when it’s only 60 degrees outside, and a car’s temperature can grow 20 degrees in just 10 minutes.

Parents should make sure to check the back seats for children before they lock their car. Another good way of remembering when your child is in the car is to have a stuffed animal in the back seat when your child isn’t there and in the front seat while your child is in the back. If someone else has your child, make sure that they reach their destination safely and that they aren’t left behind.

Pets are also in a lot more danger of overheating during the summer. As with children, it’s good to make sure that your pets aren’t left in a car during the summer. It’s also very important to watch the humidity. Since pets have to pant and cool the moisture in their lungs to cool off, high humidity will make it so they can’t cool themselves as effectively.

Don’t plan for a fan to be helpful. Pets respond differently to fans and are not helped by them as much as are humans. Make sure to provide lots of shade and water. Tree shade is a good alternative to a dog house, which can actually make the heat worse for pets. If the day is especially hot add ice to your pet’s water to cool them off more.

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