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The Defective GM Ignition Switch: How It Affects Power Braking

Monday, April 10, 2017By Richard Alexander

It is clear that the ability to easily use your vehicle’s braking system while driving is of utmost importance to vehicle and passenger safety. The loss of the braking system can lead to car accidents, both minor and severe, and some completely tragic.

Most all vehicles have power braking systems. Power brakes are required for vehicles with disc brakes, which is the most common type of brakes on cars these days. This system provides the driver with the capability to brake, slow, and stop the vehicle with little physical effort on the driver’s part.

The power braking system is a brake booster [that] uses vacuum from the engine to multiply the force that the brake pedal applies to the master cylinder. So when you apply gentle pressure to the brake pedal, the engine is delivering vacuum to power a hydraulic system that applies pressure to the disc brakes. The discs grab a part of the wheel assembly and slow the car to a stop.

Without the power braking system intact, the driver would have to apply a great deal more force to the brake pedal itself to allow the vehicle to slow. That additional force applied by the driver, even if applied knowing the braking system was shut down, would still not be enough force to cause the vehicle to slow or stop in a close encounter. The loss of the power braking system would very likely result in a car accident.

GM has recalled millions of its vehicles due to faulty ignition switches. When the ignition switches fail, the engine shuts down, and along with the engine, the power braking system. Without immediately knowing that their vehicle has shut down, and their power brakes don’t work, a driver cannot possibly brake in time to avoid an accident. Hundreds, if not thousands, of car accidents have occurred due to this faulty ignition switch in GM vehicles.

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