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The Dangers of Ignoring Safety Recalls: Death, Injuries, and Liabilities

Friday, April 14, 2017By Richard Alexander

Millions of GM vehicles have been recalled. The recalled vehicles have defective ignition switches which, when they malfunction, can lead to car accidents, severe injuries, and even death.

The dangerously affected vehicles had been on our roads and highways for almost ten years before GM initiated the recall. The first recall was made in 2014. The defective ignition switches on the affected vehicles can be jostled into the “off” mode while someone is driving the car, which is when the switch should be in the “on” mode. When a vehicle is turned off while driving, the power steering, power brakes, and air bags become disabled. The loss of these vital functions in the vehicle can cause the driver to lose control and crash. What’s more, the lack of airbag deployment can lead to serious injury or death.

GM is liable for the damages in car accidents caused by the defective ignition switches. The company has issued a recall to resolve the deadly defect in the millions of GM vehicles affected. However, despite the recalls, there are still millions of recalled cars that have yet to be fixed that are still being driven on our roads.

Carfax released recent data showing that there are more than 63 million recalled cars on the road in the United States today that continue to drive unrepaired. This means that not only are the people who are driving these dangerous vehicles putting themselves in harm’s way, they are also putting the general public at risk. New York is among the states with the most recalled but not repaired vehicles, along with California, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Not only does California have a high number of recalled unrepaired vehicles on the road, it is also a state that has one of the highest volumes of registered vehicles on the road.

Experts speculate that one of the main reasons so many cars with open recalls remain on the road is that owners simply do not know that their vehicles have been recalled. With millions of vehicles being recalled in the last couple of years, and cars being traded and sold daily, it is easy to see why some owners might not know about a recall. It is also thought that people just don’t want to be inconvenienced by taking their cars in for the repairs.

The drivers and passengers of California are among the people most in danger of getting into a car accident with a vehicle equipped with a defective ignition switch. If you have, or know someone who has, a vehicle with an open recall, take it in for repair, or urge those you know to take their vehicles into the dealership for repair. It could save a life.

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