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The Consequences of Driving Without Insurance in California

Monday, February 19, 2018By Nina Shapirshteyn

When drivers don’t carry car insurance, they take an enormous risk if an accident occurs. Sometimes a driver cannot afford insurance or has trouble getting a policy. Nevertheless, almost all states, including California, require drivers and car owners to maintain car insurance. This law guarantees that every driver can take financial responsibility for any damages that occur in a car accident.

There are several scenarios where a police officer or other administrator might ask to see your insurance: after a collision, upon receiving a ticket, or when registering your car. California requires that a driver demonstrate proof of insurance when requested by a police officer. If you are asked to show insurance and do not have proof of insurance, you will have to pay a penalty. If you are driving and cannot produce proof of insurance, your car could also be impounded.

But if you actually violate state law and do not have an insurance policy, you may face harsher consequences. Failure to obtain a car insurance policy is a major offense for which your license can be suspended. This is the case even if the accident happened in California and you are not a resident of the state. In some states you can also face financial penalties, the loss of your car registration, and even time in jail.

The situation for an uninsured driver is exacerbated if he gets into an accident. If you cause the accident, you are personally responsible for damages to your car. You can also be sued by passengers in the other cars for damage to property and personal injuries. If the other driver is responsible, there might be limits imposed by state law on what you can recover if you do not have insurance.

Many states have “No Pay, No Play” laws, which prevents uninsured drivers from receiving compensation for specific items. This includes the right to recover damages if you are hurt in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of an insured driver. The idea is that drivers who do not obtain insurance should not profit from the benefits that insurance offers. The uninsured driver in many states however can recover for other things like property damage and medical bills.

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