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The 4 Major Causes of Bad Burn Injuries

Friday, March 17, 2017By Richard Alexander

Many of us remember, from our high school science classes, rules and precautions for working with chemicals safely. Chemicals can start fires, and some even inflict burns without a fire. Even so, chemical burns are only one of the four major causes of burns.

The four major causes of burns are chemical, electrical, radiological, and thermal. The chemical burns we remember hearing about in high school are caused by very acidic or alkaline substances. These include some common household items, such as drain cleaner, gasoline, and paint thinner. One of the main problems with chemical burns is that they do not stop burning until the agent has been deactivated.

Electricity is also a major cause of burn injuries. These injuries affect not just the points of entry and exit in the body but also areas in between. Common causes of electrical burn injuries include household currents and stun guns. Lightening injuries also fall into this category. Victims of electrical burns should see a doctor right away because the damage to the body is sometimes on the inside, so the victim may not necessarily be aware of the extent of damage.

Sunburns are now the most common type of radiation burns. However, before the dangers of radiation were well-known, many people who received radiation treatments (such as for acne) suffered from radiation burns. Malfunctioning microwave ovens, particularly those that fail to shut off when the door is opened, can also cause radiation burns. Radiation can damage cells and sometimes cause them to become cancerous.

Thermal burns are the fourth type of burn. This category of burn includes several different causes, such as explosions, fires, scalds, and contact burns. At home, it pays to be careful around items like boiling water or hot oil, ranges and ovens, fires, and flammable liquids, all of which can cause thermal burns.

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