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Spike in recalls of defective products

Saturday, October 26, 2013By ALG
 recall(4)There has been a recent spike in recalls of consumer goods the last week, particularly those with previously unknown choking hazards. Here are some of the recalled products:

(October 22)

Trail Crest recalled hundreds of their boys and girls hooded sweatshirts and jackets, due to choking hazard, a much highlighted danger for younger children. Trail Crest is offering a refund through phone and email. No injuries have been reported.

(October 23)

Infitoy recalled over 7,000 Softimals Toy Sets due to a choking or aspiration hazard. The set's figurines have removable hats that could be a choking danger for children. Infitoy is offering a replacement through their website or toll-free hotline. So far, no injuries have been reported.

(October 24)

Crate and Barrel recalled almost 20,000 of their Finley Hanging Lamp product due to fire and shock hazards. This is apparently due to an incorrect wiring that allows labels to fall off that pose a danger to consumers. Crate and Barrel is offering a refund or replacement with a free installation by a licensed electrician, with more information available through their toll-free consumer hotline. There have been reports of minor property damage and burns due to the faulty product.

The household product recalls however, pale in comparison to the mysterious and widespread pet illnesses and deaths attributed to dog food processed and manufactured in China, particuarly jerky treats made with mixed meat and sweet potatoes. Due to almost 4,000 complaints the FDA has issued a warning for all pet food treats made in China, with brands including Nestle Purina, Del Monte Corp, and IMS Pet Industries Inc. voluntarily recalling their products.

These companies are now added to a long list of different pet food suppliers that have been forced to recall different animal food products due to tainted ingredients. And while the FDA inspect products daily and is meticulous in its recalls, by law, “pet food manufacturers are not required to list the country of origin for each ingredient used in their pet products”*.

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