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Seriously Injured in a Crash with a Semi? Who Might Be Responsible

Wednesday, December 28, 2016By Richard Alexander

Trucking accidents are usually much more complicated than basic car wrecks. With most car wrecks, the only people involved are the drivers of the vehicles and their insurance companies. When a commercial vehicle is involved, such as large truck, many things can go wrong, not just at the time of the accident but leading up to the accident. For this reason, many more people may be liable in a lawsuit when the accident involved a commercial vehicle.

The trucking industry must comply with mandatory federal regulations designed to improve safety for the traveling public. For example, truckers must comply with regulations relating to drug and alcohol use and rest periods. The trucks themselves must meet certain safety standards. They are subject to inspections and to being taken out of service if they do not meet those standards.

Before a truck and driver even hit the road, many people will have been involved. For example, in many cases, the truck driver was hired by an employer. If the employer did something wrong, such as failing to screen the driver for prior safety problems or failing to train the driver properly, the employer may be liable if a crash results. In some cases, the employer may be liable for the behavior of the driver, as well.

In addition, many entities may have been involved with a truck before it makes a run. For example, the manufacturer that designed or built the truck could have done so improperly. Similarly, a company who maintained the truck negligently may be responsible if the crash results due to that company’s negligence.

Even the company that manufactured the goods or loaded the truck could have failed to do these jobs in a reasonably safe manner. If goods are stacked improperly, this can cause a truck to turn over.

Once a truck is on the road, it is in the driver’s hands. If the driver makes improper judgments or decisions that lead to a bad accident, he or she may also be liable to the accident victims.

As you can see, many different people and entities may be responsible when a trucking accident occurs. In addition, most or all of these people and entities may have insurance to cover them when accidents occur.

If you’ve been injured in a bad accident with a semi, you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away. One of the most important things your attorney can do is to identify all the parties that might be responsible for the injuries you received. In many cases, you may be completely unaware of some of the things that caused your accident. Only an attorney with significant experience in dealing with the trucking and insurance industries can get you the best result.

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