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Ralph Flynn, Los Gatos Millionaire Denies he Abused Adopted Son after Pleading Guilty to Sex Abuse

Wednesday, October 18, 2017By Nina Shapirshteyn

Alexander Law Group’s Nina Shapirshteyn deposed Ralph Flynn, a Los Gatos millionaire, in jail regarding the sexual abuse of his son Denis whom he adopted from Russia in 2000. Ms. Shapirshteyn originally filed the civil lawsuit in 2016 on behalf of her client Denis Flynn who bravely came forward to admit that Mr. Flynn and his wife Carolyn sexually abused him for many years, starting at the age of 9.

At the time that the civil suit was initially filed, criminal charges were pending against Mr. Flynn and his wife, but he maintained his innocence. That changed in August 2017 when the couple both plead guilty to charges that they molested their adopted son. Ralph Flynn plead “no contest” to three counts of “lewd acts on a child” and Carolyn Flynn plead “no contest” to two counts of “rape” and both face significant prison sentences. Despite these guilty pleas, both Ralph and Carolyn Flynn have maintained their innocence in the civil suit.

Ms. Shapirshteyn held a deposition with Mr. Flynn in prison where she grilled him for five hours about the molestation of his young son. He denied that he had ever done anything wrong and he claimed he “didn’t recall” if he had ever shown his young son pornography. Ms. Shapirshteyn spoke to ABC News and questioned the manner in which Mr. Flynn answered those questions as he didn’t respond like a typical parent. "First of all, that is not something you would forget that you had done as a parent and second of all, you'd be outraged by a question like that," Ms. Shapirshteyn told a reporter regarding Mr. Flynn’s statements. Mr. Flynn continued to deny that he had done anything wrong throughout the deposition, despite the fact that he was confronted by attorney Shapirshteyn with strong evidence from the criminal case.

The attorneys with the Alexander Law Group are moving forward with aggressively litigating the civil suit against Mr. Flynn. The deposition is just one step towards seeking justice for Denis Flynn after years of sexual abuse at the hands of the people who were supposed to protect him.

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