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Not All Brain Injuries are Concussions: Other Types of TBIs

Thursday, December 21, 2017By Richard Alexander

Most people are familiar with or have heard of concussions, the most common type of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Concussions occur when a sudden impact or movement change causes trauma to the brain. But there are other types of brain injuries besides concussions that can long-term consequences including a Contusion, Coup-Contrecoup, Diffuse Axonal, and Penetrating brain injuries.

Contusion and Coup-Contrecoup – A contusion is essentially a bruise on the brain. It is a brain bleed that can result from a direct impact to the head. A Coup-Contrecoup brain injury is a type of contusion that is present on two sides of the brain. This type of injury presents as a contusion at the site of impact and another contusion on the opposite side of the brain. It occurs when the head is impacted so forcefully that the brain slams into the opposite side of the skull causing an additional contusion on the opposite side of the brain. If the brain contusions are large enough, they may need to be surgically removed.

Diffuse Axonal – Strong rotation of the head or shaking can cause a Diffuse Axonal brain injury. This type of injury occurs when the brain lags behind the rapid movement of the skull which causes brain structures to tear. This type of severe injury can cause tearing of nerve tissue throughout the brain and can disrupt the brain’s chemical processes and communications. The symptoms of a Diffuse Axonal brain injury can have different symptoms depending on where in the brain the tearing occurs. This TBI can result in severe brain damage, coma or even death. One example of a Diffuse Axonal brain injury is Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Penetrating Brain Injury – A penetrating brain injury arises from an object penetrating the brain. This could be a knife, bullet, or any other sharp object. Not only does the trauma result from the object itself, but also from skin, hair, bones and fragments that dislodge from the object and the body into the brain.

If an object, such as a bullet, travels at a lower rate of speed through the brain and skull, this can cause additional damage as the bullet can ricochet and widen the area of damage. A “through-and-through” brain injury occurs when an object enters the brain, penetrates the tissue, and exits through the other side of the skull. These types of TBIs not only include the penetration injury but can also include additional damage to brain tissue. One example of a penetrating brain injury is a headshot from a firearm. The Centers for Disease Control have found that the majority of firearm-related accidents result in death due to the devastating penetrating traumatic brain injuries caused by bullets.

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