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New Report Shows General Aviation Plane Crashes at New Low

Thursday, October 06, 2016By Richard Alexander

It’s always good news when crash rates of any type are down. This is particularly true with crashes that tend to inflict catastrophic damage, such as that suffered in an aviation accident. In fact, a new report shows that small fixed-wing and helicopter crash rates in the civilian sector are down dramatically.

The term “general aviation” includes "all flight activity of every kind except that done by uniformed armed services and the scheduled airlines." Here are some examples of the types of flights that fall into this category:

  • flight instruction;
  • personal and recreational flying;
  • crop dusting and freight hauling;
  • news reporting; and
  • passenger charters.

The new report shows that the general aviation accident rate for small fixed-wing airplanes and helicopters dropped by 18 percent and 17 percent, respectively, in 2013. This is very significant even given a small drop in flight time: seven percent for the airplanes and 10 percent for helicopters.

The report totaled 1,185 accidents in 2013, resulting in 363 fatalities. This represents a drop of 4% from 2012.

With machinery as complex as airplanes and helicopters, many different things can lead to crashes:

• pilot error, such as landing accidents and errors in low-altitude maneuvering; • mechanical failures, such as engine or component failures or those caused by airplane mechanic mistakes; and • environmental and external issues, such as the weather or even wildlife.

The devastation suffered in an aviation crash is almost indescribable. Fortunately, most of our lives will never be touched by such a horrific event.

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