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It Had to Happen: Many Sue FTC for Letting Dealers to Sell Cars with Open Recalls

Monday, April 17, 2017By Richard Alexander

A recall on a car usually means there’s a defect that can cause very serious complications in its operation, resulting in severe injuries and even death. That’s why so many people were appalled at the fact that the FTC allowed car dealers to sell recalled vehicles and advertise them as safe.

Cars with recalls were able to be called "safe" after what was dubbed as rigorous testing, even though the cars were recalled and the defects that had them recalled in the first place were never fixed or repaired. The car companies—like GM—did have to admit to consumers that the critical, necessary repairs had not been made. However, saying that a car is safe when a deadly defect is present is about as far from the truth as you can get.

In GM’s case, the defect was its faulty ignition switches, which caused the switch to turn to the "off" or "accessory" position during operation. This caused power brakes, power steering, and airbags to cease functioning. With a defect like that, it’s pretty hard to see any reason that the FTC would allow GM to continue selling these cars.

Because of the FTC’s decision, buyers can no longer assume that a car with a certified pre-owned sticker is safe. As long as it’s been tested in some way, even with a defective part or unrepaired recall, sellers can proclaim it a "safe" vehicle, and a lot of consumers will trust them. This causes more unsafe cars to be on the road, putting more people in danger because they think their cars are safe even though the cars are under an open recall.

The FTC is facing a lawsuit now because of its decision to allow recalled cars to be labeled as safe. This is particularly scary. When automakers ignore problems or prioritize money over safety, the American public counts on the FTC to take a stand. It has the knowledge and power to defend consumers from buying an unsafe car. That the FTC would allow a deadly car to be considered as safe means it isn’t sticking up for consumers.

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