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Injured due to Second-Row Honda Odyssey Seat? Call Today...

Thursday, March 30, 2017By Richard Alexander

If you own a Honda Odyssey, you should be aware of an important safety recall involving the second-row seat. Over 634,000 minivans are affected by this issue, which Honda has known about for years but only recently reported to federal regulators.

The second-row seat slides forward to allow easier access to the third-row seat. However, a latch that releases the seat may not work properly. When the latch fails, the seat can slide forward suddenly and without warning.

The first official complaint about this issue was made in January 2011, when a customer made a warranty claim. A few years later, a second customer complained that the second-row seat slid.

Several months later, Honda replicated the issue. But it waited almost one year to take any further action. In May of 2016, Honda asked its dealerships about complaints. It also asked them to forward any parts that had been replaced due to these complaints to Honda.

In November 2016, more than five years after it first received a complaint, Honda determined what was causing the problem: "'grease hardening under specific temperature and humidity ranges, along with the surface roughness of the parts."

Finally, last December, Honda notified the federal government of the issue.

Here are the affected vehicles:

  • 2011-2016 Honda Odyssey minivans

Honda has indicated that it will officially inform owners in February. It is also putting a stop-sale on the affected vehicles.

Although Honda reports no injuries from this defect, at least two customers complained that passengers sitting in the second row had been injured when the seat slid, even at very slow speeds.

Car manufacturers are truly in the driver's seat when it comes to safety-related defects. They are in the best position to know about warranty claims, complaints, and accidents. When they don't take action quickly, people are commonly hurt by their defective products.

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