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Illegally Promoting Drugs: Can You Sue if You Suffer?

Monday, June 26, 2017By Richard Alexander

Has your doctor ever suggested that you take a prescription drug for something other than its approved purpose? You may not even know the answer to that question. Still, if you were injured or suffered as the result of off-label use promoted by your doctor or a drug company, you may be able to recover money damages through a products liability lawsuit.

The federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves prescription drugs for specific uses. The label on the medicine is targeted toward this particular approval. Some doctors and drug companies market these products to consumers for other uses or for other populations, such as age groups.

You may have heard of a lawsuit involving Fen-Phen. These were actually two separate medicines designed to treat weight loss individually, fenfluramine hydrochloride and phentermine hydrocholoride. They were not FDA-approved to use at the same time. Still, many doctors started to prescribe the drugs for use together.

The results were shocking. Some patients developed permanent heart damage, leading to a widespread lawsuit by former users of the product. In 1997, the FDA ultimately pulled its approval of the products.

Prescription drug and device manufacturers contribute to injurious and fatal consequences like these when they market their products for other-than-approved uses. Doctors compound the problem by picking up the proverbial ball and prescribing medicines for uses not approved by the FDA. These actions can substantially hurt American consumers, who unwittingly follow the advice of their trusted physicians.

While no amount of money can ever fix a permanent health problem that might result from off-label use, a skilled products liability lawyer can help ensure you are properly compensated.

Drug manufacturers who illegally promote their products can cause great harm to the public, but you can play a part in holding them responsible. If you or a family member was hurt by a product that was advertised off-label, call us at 888.777.1776 or use our online contact form. Delays can hurt your case, so please don't wait.

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