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If You or Someone You Love Was Hurt by a GM Auto with a Faulty Switch, Call Us Now!

Thursday, July 06, 2017By Richard Alexander

You’ve been waiting for General Motors to step up and come clean for years. The car you bought from them was defective and they knew it. For them, this amounts to a minor loss. For you, the loss of a loved one. Your whole family has always bought cars built by GM. But one day several years ago, that decision proved fatal when the ignition switch in your father’s car failed, causing the engine to stall and the airbags to fail deploy. The resulting accident left your father hospitalized for weeks before he eventually passed from his injuries.

It seems unbelievable that the company could possibly get away with protecting itself from responsibility for these reprehensible actions by pretending it knew nothing and then filing for bankruptcy in 2009. They aren’t accepting responsibility yet, but at least the U.S. Supreme Court will allow cases against them to move forward now after a New York federal court said that GM's bankruptcy filing was not a protection against the customer lawsuits from accidents and diminished value.

The faulty ignition switches in several GM cars can slip out of place and cause the engines to stall while driving, thus eliminating power to steering, brakes, and airbag safety systems. The New York-based federal court declined to shield General Motors from these lawsuits because the plaintiffs in those cases had not been properly notified of the defect in their vehicles or of GM’s bankruptcy filing. You may be among those potential plaintiffs.

Neither the decisions by the Supreme Court nor the New York federal court established any liability against GM, and the lawsuits will still need to prove all elements of their claims, but those who have been injured will now be allowed to have their day in court. This decision will allow individuals to seek vindication from the harm they have suffered as a result of GM’s actions.

GM has now acknowledged that some of its employees were aware of the defect for years before a recall was issued, knowingly allowing owners of vehicles they manufactured, people who had placed their trust in them, to unnecessarily be placed in harm’s way as they went about their daily lives.

No one should have to suffer from reduced car value, injury, or death of someone they love just to save a car company a few dollars. No company should be able to get away with causing those harms without being held accountable and having to pay for their decisions. If you or someone you know has been impacted by General Motors’ faulty ignition switch, get in touch us at the Alexander Law Group, LLP or call 888.777.1776. You may be entitled to money damages, and we will help you collect every penny you deserve. All calls are free and confidential.

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