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How to Spot a Defective Ignition Switch

Wednesday, March 08, 2017By Richard Alexander

A faulty ignition switch in your vehicle can be deadly. This switch is responsible for starting your engine, keeping it running while driving. Millions of GM vehicles have been recalled due to defective ignition switches. The defective switches have a tendency to slip into the accessory or off positions while driving the vehicle.

When the ignition switch is in the “accessory” or “off” positions, the power steering and power brakes become disabled. Also, should you experience a collision when your engine is off, your airbags will fail to deploy. This can lead to great bodily harm and, unfortunately, even death.

There are several signs that you can watch out for that might indicate that your vehicle has a defective ignition switch. Here are some examples:

  • The vehicle does not “click” when it is started.
  • The dashboard lights turn off and on while driving.
  • The vehicle stalls while driving.
  • The ignition switch overheats and becomes hot to the touch.

If you do have a vehicle with a defective ignition switch, there are several things that can cause it to malfunction. The switch malfunctions when it goes from the “on” position into the “accessory” or “off” position while driving.

This can happen if you have other keys, key rings, and even the vehicle’s own fob connected to the car key while it is in the ignition. The weight of the additional items on the key ring can be heavy enough to pull the ignition into a different position while driving. Bumping the key with your knee or hand while driving can also cause the ignition to slip out of the “on” position. Even driving down a rough road or going over a large bump in the road can jiggle the ignition into the wrong position while driving.

If you spot signs that your ignition switch could be faulty or if your vehicle is one of the millions of GM vehicles that have been recalled, take it for repair at a dealership before it causes you or anyone else harm.

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