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How to Maximize Damages after Your California Car Crash

Wednesday, June 07, 2017By Richard Alexander

If you’ve been badly hurt in a crash and you’re wondering how to maximize money damages, you’re in the right place. Insurance companies often take advantage of good people who trust that they’ll be treated fairly. Unfortunately, fair treatment is rarely the case, whether you’re dealing with the other driver’s insurance company or your own.

At the Alexander Law Group, we believe in helping people who have been badly hurt due to the fault of others. We know the insurance industry well because we deal with insurance companies every day.

The most important thing you can do to preserve your right to a full monetary recovery is to call us before you talk to any insurance company. Do not file a claim or contact your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company. If you do, you may make mistakes that could impact your ability to make a full monetary recovery for your injuries and losses.

Here’s why. Insurance policies place caps on the amount of money that may be recovered for each type of damage. These are known as “policy limits.” Many people, including many lawyers, believe that no money can be recovered over and above these limits. This is not true.

Insurance companies must deal fairly with those who are entitled to coverage under policies they issue. When insurers fail to do this, they can become liable for additional damages, and these damages can be very significant. In fact, they can eclipse the policy limits entirely.

The Alexander Law Group attorneys have a strong history of recovering much, much more than insurance policy limits for its clients. It is not uncommon for us to recover 10 times the policy limits when injuries are severe and the insurance company acts in bad faith.

If you’ve already spoken with an insurance company, don’t fret. Call us right away. We still may be able to help you receive a full monetary recovery so you aren’t forced to shoulder the burden of someone else’s misconduct.

The attorneys at the Alexander Law Group, LLP believe in empowering Americans. That's why we represent individuals who have been badly injured in accidents. If you need legal help after a car crash, contact the attorneys at Alexander Law Group, LLP at 888.777.1776 for a free case consultation. We won’t let the insurance companies take advantage of you.

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