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How to Avoid Common Causes of Freeway Pileups

Tuesday, June 13, 2017By Richard Alexander

Wrong-way drivers. Wandering livestock. Both have caused multi-car pileups in California in recent months. Other than paying close attention to your surroundings, there is not much you can do to avoid unusual causes of freeway pileups like these. But there are actions you can take to avoid some of the most common causes of multi-vehicle accidents.

It can be helpful to think of three categories of causes of typical freeway pileups: driver, environmental, and vehicle.

Driver-related causes include issues like these:

  • speeding;
  • distracted driving;
  • drowsy driving; and
  • driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Even driving the wrong direction falls into this category. Obviously, as a driver, you can decrease the likelihood of being involved in a freeway pileup by avoiding these behaviors yourself. Anticipating unusual driving movements by other drivers may also help you to reduce the likelihood of a multi-car collision due to driver error.

A second category encompasses environmental conditions. Most of us think naturally of “bad” weather, such rain, sleet, black ice, fog, and snow. However, bright sunlight can cause glares from windshields, buildings, and other smooth or shiny surfaces. While it’s impossible to avoid all environmental causes of freeway pileups, you can improve your odds by slowing down during bad weather or poor visibility. Increasing your following distance can also give you critical reaction time, helping you to avoid the devastation a pileup can inflict on those involved.

The final category of freeway pileups includes vehicle-related causes. When a car malfunctions, it can trigger a chain reaction that affects vehicles behind and around it. Consider these examples: gas pedals that stick, increasing speed; brakes that don’t work; tires that blow out: and cars that shut down while being driven. Most drivers are understandably caught off-guard when events like these occur. The results of these preventable malfunctions can be horrendous.

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