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How Lawyer Contingency Fees Help People

Wednesday, December 21, 2016By Richard Alexander

In the American legal system, each party to a lawsuit is usually responsible for paying his or her own attorney fees. There is some unfairness in this, as only those with adequate money would be able to bring a lawsuit.

Attorneys who want to help people who have been wronged by others recognize the fundamental unfairness of a system that is driven by those with money. To help injured people and hold wrongdoers accountable, these lawyers, often known as “personal injury lawyers,” accept some cases on a contingency fee. This means that their fee is contingent upon (or based on) recovering money for their clients.

For example, if you were badly injured in an accident with a drunk driver, you might have to pay medical bills, miss work, and receive costly medical treatment. Depending on the nature of your injuries, your life may never be the same again. With your income down and your expenses up, you may not be able to afford to pay a lawyer an hourly fee to take your case, at least not without a contingency fee.

But if you visit a personal injury lawyer who reviews your case and wants to help you pursue a fair recovery, that lawyer may choose to receive a fee only if you win or receive money in the settlement of your case. That means you don’t pay your lawyer unless you receive money damages, although you may have a responsibility to pay certain costs. (Your agreement with your attorney will specifically tell you what you pay and when.) The amount of your attorney’s fee is typically a set percentage of what he or she recovers for you.

When lawyers agree to represent clients for a contingency fee, they are taking somewhat of a gamble. If they prevail, they receive a fee for their services. If they do not, they receive no fee at all.

By offering contingency fees, personal injury lawyers provide a valuable service in our society, one that helps hold wrongdoers responsible for their actions while helping to compensate people who have been injured by others.

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