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How Electronic Logging Devices Can Improve Truck Safety

Thursday, April 05, 2018By Nina Shapirshteyn

Rules released in 2015 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) change the way that truckers log important information about their driving history. Under these regulations, truckers must use new technology known as an Electronic Log Device (ELD) to record data related to various job functions. Experts anticipate that ELD use will significantly improve the safety of the truck driver and other motorists who share the road.

The Evolution of Electronic Log Devices

The new rules require truckers to do a number of things. Those who keep paper logs tracking hours worked, rest time and other job functions must swap their written logs for electronic devices. This system will log the pertinent information through a machine that attaches to the truck’s engine and archives the truck’s activity. This system is a major advancement over prior procedures. Manual recordation of these items was inefficient and the trucker’s accounts were impossible to verify. As recording practice evolved, trucking companies began to use Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRD). Finally, the Map-21 bill was passed in 2012. This legislation led to the FMSCA’s requiring the trucking industry to outfit their fleets with electronic logging devices. Compliance with these laws was to take place by December, 2017.

Benefits of ELDs

ELDs function much like their predecessors, the AOBRD, but there are some key improvements in the new technology. Unlike AOBRD, an ELD connects to the truck’s engine to provide the most accurate information about the driver’s conduct. Also, ELDS have the ability to send information about trucker conduct to truck company owners in real time so that there is continuous monitoring.

Wil Driver Safety Improve?

In many ways, this technology represents significant progress over prior monitoring systems. The reports provide the most reliable information about how and when the truckers are driving. Truck drivers cannot submit false reports in order to work extra hours and management cannot impose additional hours on their crew. With drivers operating large commercial trucks only when they are permitted to do so and enhanced monitoring of safety standards, it is safe to assume that ELDs will lead to a marked increase in trucker and motorist safety.

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