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How Blind Spot Detection Systems are Improving Vehicle Safety

Monday, September 10, 2018By Nina Shapirshteyn

Technological innovation in automobile design has led to increased safety for motorists. One key area of improvement is blind spot detection systems. Blind spot detection systems can help prevent accidents by providing another set of eyes for drivers when changing lanes. As this technology becomes more commonplace in newer vehicles, experts are hopeful that the numbers of injuries and fatalities will decline in certain types of accidents.

Failure to see drivers in one’s blind spot is a major factor in many auto accidents. This has become more prevalent as SUVs and large cars have increasingly dominated the roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that approximately 840,000 accidents and 300 fatalities occurred as a result of failure to detect drivers in blind spots. Blind spot detection systems improve the driver’s visibility. Automakers maintain that it is one of their most popular features because it gives drivers visibility around their entire vehicle, which can be difficult to achieve without technological assistance. Older and impaired drivers can especially benefit from this type of visual assistance.

A blind spot detection system works by observing a car’s flanks (which are the areas that a driver may have difficulty seeing with mirrors). These systems require radar sensors to be mounted on both sides of the car’s bumper. The sensors observe oncoming traffic and the internal computer indicates the speed of approaching cars. The driver is alerted through a visual signal in the form of an orange or yellow light when a car is detected in the driver’s blind spot. Some manufacturers place the sensor lights in the side-view mirrors. If the driver misses the visual signal of an approaching car, an audio alert sounds to let the driver know that a danger may be imminent when he attempts to change lanes.

While blind spot detection systems are not mandated in the United States, some experts believe that it may become standard in all cars in a short amount of time. The NHTSA has indicated that it intends to include this mechanism in its safety ratings system. This means that new cars would have to implement blind spot detection technology to receive a five-star score.

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