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GM Faces Allegations of Cheating on Emissions Tests

Friday, January 05, 2018By Richard Alexander

General Motors made a promise to consumers that two of its most popular truck models would meet low emissions standards compared to its previous models. The company claimed that the Silverado and Sierra HD Duramax engines would turn diesel fuel into a fine mist. The company hailed this achievement as a “remarkable reduction of diesel emissions.” But it turns out these claims may be overstated or even completely false.

A class action lawsuit representing buyers of the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks alleges that the car manufacturer purposefully skirted the emission rules by installing software to conceal the trucks’ true emissions outputs. This scandal casts doubt on GM’s compliance with important EPA emissions regulations and is a blow to efforts to curb environmental damage from large SUVs and trucks.

GM Not the First to be Accused of Using Cheat Devices

GM would not be the first automaker involved in a diesel emissions cheating scandal. Volkswagen, Daimler AG, Subaru, Peugeot, Nissan and Fiat Chrysler have all been sued for using software to circumvent emissions rules. Volkswagen admitted guilt to these charges and paid more than $25 billion in settlements and penalties. The law firm that represented plaintiffs against Volkswagen has been retained to represent plaintiffs in the GM case. GM denies any wrongdoing and claims that it has met all EPA emissions guidelines.

What Does the Complaint Allege?

The complaint states that the Duramax diesel clearly violated acceptable levels of nitrogen-oxide. In fact, according to plaintiffs, the cars emitted two to five times the allowable amount of the gas. This is in direct contrast to assurances by GM that these models would deliver a huge reduction in emissions output and at the same time perform like powerful trucks. Instead of delivering on these promises, the complaint alleges that a device meant to show favorable low outputs was installed in the vehicles. As a result, the trucks produced higher levels of nitrous oxide while being driven than they did in tests. If the allegations are true, it means that GM violated EPA rules, deceived customers and exposed the public to related illnesses.

Why is This Claim Potentially Worse than the Volkswagen Litigation?

GMs actions could prove more damaging than those of other car makers previously accused of emissions cheating. The nitrous oxide limit for big trucks is four times the limit for small Volkswagen cars. Also, there are more GM trucks being driven than Volkswagen cars. This means that the potential environmental damage and consumer fraud may be far more significant and widespread.

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