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Even Legal Fireworks Can Be Dangerous: Stay Safe with These Tips

Thursday, December 22, 2016By Richard Alexander

What type of firework do you think causes more injuries than any other? Bottle rockets? Roman candles? These are good examples of dangerous fireworks, but surprisingly, they do not cause most injuries. Nationwide, the fireworks that cause most injuries are sparklers.

California law makes it illegal have or discharge dangerous fireworks. These include the following:

  • rockets;
  • roman candles;
  • torpedoes; and

Even long sparklers (more than 10 inches) and firecrackers are considered dangerous in California. It is illegal to have or discharge these fireworks without a state license to do so.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission has studied the dangerous properties of fireworks, particularly injuries and deaths suffered by innocent victims across the country. In just one year, 11 people lost their lives, and over 10,000 people were injured badly enough to visit a hospital emergency room during that same year.

The deaths tended to involve fireworks exploding while in contact with the victim's body. However, four of the deaths involved house fires that were caused by fireworks. Some people killed in house fires were completely uninvolved in setting off or watching the fireworks themselves.

About 36 percent of injuries were to hands and fingers. However, injuries to the head, face, and ear were also common, as were eye injuries. While some injuries were relatively minor, permanent injuries were not unheard of. These included the loss of fingers, amputation of fingers, and permanent vision impairments.

All fireworks should be taken seriously, as they are subject to both misuse and malfunction. To avoid injury to you or your family, follow these safety tips:

  • Do not stand close to fireworks.
  • Do not light fireworks while standing near others.
  • Do not disassemble fireworks.
  • Do not engage in horseplay near fireworks.

In addition, stay aware that fireworks are dangerous, even when legal. They can malfunction, inflicting serious injuries to people in your group or people nearby. Common malfunctions include incorrect flight paths, tipping over, and igniting early. You can best protect yourself and your loved ones by staying on high alert any time you are near fireworks of any kind.

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