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Drivers: Help Bicyclists Stay Safe on the Road

Thursday, July 27, 2017By Richard Alexander

Bicycling is a great way to get exercise, travel to work, or just have fun. However, bicycling can also be dangerous. In any crash between a car and a cyclist, the cyclist is at a much higher risk of injury than anyone in the car.   In 2013 alone, over 900 cyclists died in cycling injuries and almost 500,000 were taken to emergency departments. Cycling safety can save lives, so it’s important for drivers and cyclists to do anything they can to prevent collisions.

Drivers can do their part by watching out for cyclists. Make sure to check for any vehicles at stop signs, as well as bikers. Watch for cyclists when turning, and don’t underestimate their speed. This will help prevent drivers from pulling out in front of a biker riding on the sidewalk or even on the road. Give bikers the same amount of room you would a car when you pass them on the road. Don’t pass them unless the adjacent lane is open so you can get over, and don't expect the biker to get off the pavement to let you pass.

Cyclists can do their part to prevent incidents as well. Arguably, the most important rule of biking is to always wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet properly can reduce the risk of serious brain injuries if a crash occurs. In California, it’s illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet if you are under 17 years of age.

Helmets aren’t the only piece of gear that can help keep bike riders safe. Bright or fluorescent clothes can help drivers see cyclists more easily on the road during the day, and reflective clothes can help drivers see bikers at night. Lights on the front and back of the bicycle also help drivers avoid collisions at night.

Bikers should also make sure their bicycles are the right size for them. A bike too large or too small can be difficult to control. Checking your bikes before riding is also a necessity. Bikes with flat tires, brakes not working, or improper steering can get even the most experienced bikers into a crash.

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