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Did You Know that a Federal Safety Agency Admitted It Should Have Caught GM Switch Problem Sooner?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017By Richard Alexander

A car's broken air conditioner or door handle are problems that don’t really require immediate attention, but with problems that can cause a wreck, immediate attention is warranted. This was exactly the case with the widely-publicized defective GM ignition switch.

The ignition switch in some models of GM vehicles could turn from "on" to “accessory”, turning off the engine. This disabled the power steering and power brakes, making the car much more difficult to control. Even worse, in the case of a collision, the airbags would not inflate. This serious defect has caused hundreds of accidents and an estimated 100 or more deaths, not to mention hundreds of injuries.

However, GM, a for-profit company, is not the only one to blame for these unnecessary injuries and deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration—the federal agency charged with “keeping people safe on America’s roadways”—said that it made a plethora of mistakes in its evaluation of GM. The NHTSA wasn’t properly monitoring the automaker and also neglected to grasp exactly how the airbags worked in GM cars. The agency even admitted that the problems were around for almost 10 years before they were caught.

Despite the role the NHTSA played in failing to “keep people safe,” it levied the maximum penalty on GM, fining the auto giant $35 million for delaying its recall of the vehicles. In 2015 the Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Fox, appointed a team of three experts to carefully monitor the NHTSA's implementation of reforms to make sure that no tragedy like this ever strikes again.

However, these reforms won’t help families already affected by the defective switches. The only recourse they have is filing a lawsuit against GM, and no amount of money can replace a lost loved one or can offset permanent, debilitating injuries.

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