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Court Documents May Reveal Whether Goodyear Concealed Defects in Tires

Friday, July 06, 2018By Richard Alexander

A court order may reveal whether Goodyear was aware of dangers associated with its G159 tires. An investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of 40,000 Goodyear G159 tires manufactured between 1996 and 2003 was initiated after the manufacturer was ordered to release documents in connection with injuries and deaths caused by the Goodyear tires. An Arizona judge ruled that the tire manufacturer must make the documents related to its tire safety available to the public. NHTSA had been previously unaware of any issues associated with these tires.

The defective tires have resulted in injuries and death according to court documents. The NHTSA also received reports concerning failures of G159 tires on motorhomes. One motorhome owner claimed that the tire unexpectedly blew out and resulted in loss of control of the vehicle. Another driver reported that the tread disintegrated and led to a collision with a guardrail that injured the driver. In another complaint, the motorhome owner experienced two consecutive blowouts days apart. Many of these owners maintain that the tire design is not made for extended use at high speeds- the exact conditions that motorhome drivers are typically used to when operating their vehicles.

The documents to be released by Goodyear were previously sealed as a condition of the settlements between Goodyear and owners of G159 tires. But an Arizona court has ruled that the documents could not be kept secret. The plaintiffs in the case filed a lawsuit after a Goodyear G159 tire blew out on their motorhome and crashed on its side. The plaintiffs alleged that Goodyear knew of the defect and lied to the public. All the passengers including the driver suffered severe injuries. Shortly after a settlement agreement was reached, it was revealed in a separate lawsuit involving the same tire model that excessive heat was generated by the tires when used at highway speeds. This data was not provided to the claimants despite their requests for relevant information.

Now that these previously confidential documents are public, Goodyear could be facing significant consequences. The tires are likely to be recalled given these safety concerns. In addition, Goodyear could be fined millions of dollars if the NHTSA determines that it deliberately concealed known dangers related to their G159 tires from the public.

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