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Consumers Continue to Be Warned About Takata Airbag Scandal

Wednesday, February 28, 2018By Richard Alexander

If you bought a Honda vehicle in the past few years, it is likely that your car has been subject to a recall. Takata, a Japanese auto supplier company, has been at the center of the largest and most extensive auto recall in history. The recall was initiated when Takata airbag inflators exploded during crash tests and projected metal fragments at high speeds into the passenger cabin, causing serious injury and even death. Takata has supplied the defective air bags to major car manufacturers for many years. In fact, it is estimated that one out of every four vehicles on the road is currently subject to an ongoing recall related to Takata airbag inflators.

But despite recommendations to have these airbags replaced, many people are not listening. A report issued in December shows that automakers have replaced only 43% of the defective parts despite a recall that has lasted for over a decade. Honda is now trying a different approach to get owners to address this potentially lethal hazard in their cars. Honda has released a startling video that shows close-up images of a driver with shrapnel protruding from her face as a result of the defective air bag.

Honda has been hit particularly hard by the Takata scandal. The defective inflators have been associated with 20 deaths worldwide. The majority of the deaths occurred in Honda vehicles. This may explain Honda’s newest tactic. The manufacturer wants to be sure that all Honda vehicle owners are aware of the problem and take the necessary steps to fix it. The woman in the video hopes that her experience encourages other car owners to take action.

Honda’s efforts to publicize the recall don’t end there. It has launched a new initiative to contact car owners through Facebook. To reach affected owners, encrypted email addresses that are linked to VINs subject to the recall are matched to Facebook user IDs. When a customer uses Facebook, a message related to the recall appears in the customer’s feed.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration requires auto manufacturers to notify car owners of a recall by mail. But these letters often get lost or are never read. The letters may get sent to old addresses. Because many of the cars in this recall are at least ten years old, they may have been resold many times over and the new owners never receive notice.  

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