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Childhood Sexual Abuse Can Affect Victims for the Rest of Their Lives

Thursday, August 10, 2017By Nina Shapirshteyn

Traumatic experiences are often life changing. Severely traumatic events can lead to a lot of problems later in life such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, addiction, divorce, and even suicide. One of the most common and least spoken tragedies are ones involving sexual abuse. One in six men will suffer sexual abuse in their lifetimes, but because of the shame involved, most don’t report or talk about the abuse.

Although sexual abuse has many lasting effects, even the immediate effects are horrific for victims and some are what keep victims from coming forward and reporting their abusers. Victims sometimes suffer from a dissociative disorder that’s meant to make extreme levels of stress endurable.   People suffering from this oftentimes will feel themselves floating away from their bodies and it’s almost like they try to distance themselves from their bodies. This dissociation makes it much harder for them to talk to or trust people and it can lead to an increased chance of suicide.

Even people who manage to struggle through sexual abuse and push past it are usually still severely affected by it. Abusers will sometimes make the victim completely dependent on them. Once the victim manages to get away from their abusers, it is usually very difficult for them to rejoin society. Abusers take advantage of victims, and thereby deprive them of the life skills they need to live even after the abuse stops. Some victims may actually start abusing others.

Victims may also suffer from PTSD, making it harder for them to work, and making them susceptible to horrifying flashbacks and anxiety attacks when subjected to certain triggers. Oftentimes, the triggers are sexual, and it’s very difficult to maintain a romantic relationship after being abused.

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