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California Still Trying to Sort Out Autonomous Driving Reg Issues

Tuesday, September 05, 2017By Nina Shapirshteyn

One of the newest and most exciting innovations in transportation is autonomous cars. Being able to get from work to home without a person driving seems like something straight out of a sci-fi novel. This technology could allow for putting on makeup, reading, or doing other activities during a commute. It could also save countless lives that are lost due to driver error.

However, even with how revolutionary this technology is, it’s still largely untested and untrusted. If the computer controlling the car makes even one mistake it could be fatal for passengers or other drivers. Lots of new laws and regulations will have to go into effect before the maximum potential of autonomous cars can be realized.

Although autonomous vehicles can actually reduce the risk of being in an accident, many consumers still don’t feel safe with the concept. It doesn’t help that any test vehicle that suffers an accident or defect is publicized quickly even though they only make up a very small portion of the actual tests performed.

Testing still needs to be done in more populated areas and in less than optimal weather. During heavy rainfall, autonomous cars are more likely to malfunction. These kinds of tests have to be approved by consumers and local governments. Unfortunately, because of the heavy pushback by consumers and also some auto manufacturers, it could be a long time before the tests are approved and the technology is closer to being completed.

Most civilians and lawmakers want these vehicles to be heavily regulated and they want the regulations enforced. These regulations could stifle the production of autonomous cars or even halt their production entirely.

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