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Cal. Supreme Court Recognizes Claims of Others in Homes of Asbestos Workers

Wednesday, January 25, 2017By Richard Alexander

Many people are fully aware about the health dangers presented by asbestos. Workers who were exposed to this dangerous substance have too often developed a fatal lung condition—mesothelioma. And now, a recent opinion by the California Supreme Court officially recognizes the hazards posed to families of asbestos workers, allowing them to bring lawsuits of their own when they fall ill due to exposure to asbestos.

It’s not hard to see how tiny asbestos fibers can be inhaled by workers who are exposed to them on a regular basis. But until recently, little attention was given to the families of these workers.

Imagine, for example, the wife who washed her husband’s clothing or the child who sat on his father’s lap to chat after work. It’s common sense that close family members like these would be exposed to dust and fibers released from an employee’s clothing. This legal theory is called “take-home” asbestos exposure.

“Take-home” asbestos exposure is just beginning to receive the attention it deserves.

Of course, companies defending these lawsuits fought hard to try to convince the Court that the sickened families should not be able to recover money damages. They argued that if the Court allowed families to recover, many others could also sue, like carpool partners, friends, babysitters, and neighbors. Fortunately, the Court saw through the companies’ attempts to limit their responsibility and the money they would have to pay out.

The Court addressed the concern about allowing too many people to sue by limiting lawsuits to “members of a household.”

This is a groundbreaking opinion that allows family members who contracted mesothelioma as the result of living with asbestos workers to sue. This opens up new options not just for those who contracted mesothelioma but also for the families of those lost to the horrible disease.

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