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Being in a Wreck with a Truck Is Different because...

Wednesday, February 08, 2017By Richard Alexander

How is being in a crash with a big rig different than being in one with another car? Vehicle size and weight, accident types and degree of damage, and potential legal theories and defendants all make trucking accidents more challenging than wrecks involving only passenger cars.

Let’s start with the most obvious difference: the size and weight of tractor-trailers dwarf passenger cars and trucks. When an accident occurs, people in the smaller vehicles are at a natural disadvantage. They are more likely to be killed and to suffer injuries than are truckers involved in the same accidents.

The size, weight, and design of tractor-trailers also lead them to get into different types of accidents than passenger vehicles. They are prone to jackknifing and rollover accidents. In addition, if trucks are poorly maintained, they can suffer from brake failure, which can be catastrophic to the truck and anyone in its vicinity. And if a fuel fire occurs, an explosion accident may happen. All of these factors increase the likelihood of substantial injuries to people and significant damage to property.

Fortunately, because of the substantial risk presented by truck crashes, the trucking industry is heavily regulated. Truck maintenance, driver rest periods, and driver drug and alcohol use are all subject to stringent federal regulations to help ensure the safety of truckers and other members of the travelling public.

As a result of these regulations, there are many more types of legal theories and people (or entities) to sue after a trucking accident. For example, many different parties may be responsible for a truck wreck, including the driver and his employer, as well as any companies that loaded or maintained the truck. In addition, all of these regulations mean that it is often easier to prove your case against a trucking defendant. This is especially true if a broken law or regulation led to your accident.

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