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Beating Insurance Companies at their Own Game

Friday, August 16, 2013By Richard Alexander
lawyer-richard-alexander-photo-1221460Richard Alexander may hold the world record for financial recoveries in excess of insurance policy limits. Most recently, six clients of Alexander Law Group, LLP, collected more than $13 million in recoveries from insurance companies in cases where the actual cumulative insurance coverage limits totaled just $600,000.

“The result respected my loss,” says the Rev. Ken Nishimura, one of Alexander’s clients, who lives in Tokyo. “When my case was over, Richard Alexander collected 30 times the amount of the insurance policy for my daughter’s death.”

Experience, diligent case preparation, and understanding exactly how different insurance companies operate are the keys to Alexander’s success.

“The last thing an insurance company wants is a jury considering punitive damages in a case that obviously should have been settled at the outset,” says Alexander, who learned the legal ropes working with legendary trial lawyers Melvin Belli and James Boccardo before establishing his own San Jose, California-based trial firm, which specializes in personal injury, defective products, and insurance claims.

“One of the things I learned from Mel Belli and Jim Boccardo is to think outside the box and be creative. That is what we do the best.”

For that creativity to work, injured clients must contact Alexander within a few days of the accident, and the claim must involve a serious personal injury. In addition, it’s important that the person who is injured first talk to Alexander and not discuss the details of his or her case with anyone else. “Say nothing to anyone,” Alexander says. “Not even your own insurance company. Talk to us first.”

When clients position Alexander Law Group between themselves and those responsible for paying for their injuries, they give the law firm a chance to document their case with the detail and precision necessary to obtain the best possible result, including recoveries far in excess of policy limitations.

“The key is to make a legally correct and enforceable good faith settlement demand and then act promptly if it is rejected by the insurance carrier,” Alexander says. “When that happens, carriers are eager to avoid facing a claim for punitive damages.”

Insurance companies know who they are up against when letters from the Alexander Law Group cross their page. The firm’s website [www.alexanderinjury.com] makes that easy to do. The firm’s list of major recoveries confirms it is uniquely qualified in the often heartbreaking circumstances in which settlement limits imposed by insurance companies don’t match the extent of injuries. Those are precisely the cases that are most attractive to Alexander, who was rated “superb” by AVVO, holds, the highest rating for ethical standards and legal ability from Martindale-Hubbell, the authoritative resource for information on the worldwide legal profession.

“We help people in cases where other lawyers cannot even imagine what can be accomplished,” Alexander says. “Most personal injury lawyers have never collected more than the policy. In major cases the policy is never enough. The real service is to collect full value. That’s what we do best.”

Alexander’s track record has earned respect from adversaries and the appreciation of his clients. “Dick Alexander’s personal support and his fighting for me produced a result that is unheard of,” says Pat Stewart of Morgan Hill, whose claim settled for 13 times the policy limit. “When my son died in a crash, the other insurance company wouldn’t even respond to my phone calls,” he recalls. “I am very fortunate they were there for me.” Like other clients with similar stories, Stewart adds that contacting Alexander immediately after the accident was critical.

“There is no greater service,” Alexander says. “Our clients are very grateful.”

By guest-blogger, Donna Jacobs.

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