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Avoid Campfire Danger with These Tips

Wednesday, October 04, 2017By Richard Alexander

While campfires might be a source of warmth and protection out in the wild, they can still be very dangerous.

We all love a good ghost story, sing-along or marshmallow roast. However, because fire is highly unpredictable and pretty volatile, it helps to always be safe around it. Here are some great tips that you should keep in mind the next time you’re huddled around a warm blaze.

First, let’s talk about who is most at risk from an errant campfire. Annette Matherly, R.N., a community outreach coordinator, notes that children are most likely to find themselves unattended during camp set-up activities. Because embers can stay dangerously hot for up to 12 to 14 hours after campfires have been put out, children may be none the wiser, while being attracted to the glowing warmth still emanating from the fire pit.

Now, to the tips that you should follow to keep safe when going out for a weekend in nature.

Always ensure that you and your family wear tight-fitting clothing when you will be around a campfire. In addition, it is suggested that campers wear clothing that does not need to be pulled over the head, to remove it. This is because such a garment will be much easier and quicker to remove in the event of it catching on fire.

The second tip is essential, but often overlooked. Always have a source of water ready and available. Ideally, water should be stored close to the fire pit, to ensure that if an accident happens, flames can quickly be doused before they spread.

Keeping a safe distance from the campfire seems like a no-brainer, but ensuring that your loved ones are sitting safely enough away from the campfire could be a lifesaver. Children should stay at least three feet away from the campfire, according to Brad Wiggins, R.N, of the University of Utah Burn Trauma Intensive Unit.

When an injury does occur, Matherly says campers should keep the four C’s in mind. These are the following:

  • Cool: the affected area should be cleaned immediately with cool water. Ice water and cubes should be avoided.
  • Cover: the burned area should be covered with a clean towel, or, ideally, a dressing.
  • Call: in an emergency, help must always be sought. Campers should always have a means by which help can be summoned.
  • Clean: the affected area should be cleaned of any dirt, grass, or soot that may be present.

Above all, it’s about staying aware, and taking care of those around you. Children are especially at risk around fires, both active and seemingly extinguished. As Wiggins advises, it really comes down to making smart choices. Beyond making these choices, it’s about being prepared for anything that happens around the campfire, whether it be a perfectly roasted marshmallow or treating an unforeseen injury. With the tips provided, that should be easy to do. Stay safe!

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