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Accident Reconstruction Can Help You Prove Your Personal Injury Case

Tuesday, January 03, 2017By Richard Alexander

The field of accident reconstruction is important in serious personal injury cases that arise out of car crashes. Many times, crashes are the result of multiple causes. These may include driver distraction, inadequate signs, speeding, and vehicle defects, among others. Accident reconstructionists use science, engineering, and math to draw conclusions about what caused or contributed to an accident.

A core issue in any traffic accident case is fault. To determine fault, it is important to have an understanding of facts that show what happened leading up to the accident and during the accident. Many different factors are considered by accident reconstructionists, such as these:

  • speed;
  • acceleration;
  • speed at the time of impact;
  • roadway conditions;
  • direction;
  • steering input; and
  • braking action.

Accident reconstructionists collect and evaluate evidence that helps them make determinations about all of these factors. Critical evidence includes measurements of the accident scene, available photographs and videos, witness statements, vehicle data, and weather data.

Reconstructing an accident can be very helpful when evidence is limited, such as when there were no eyewitnesses or when key witnesses have died. In cases that involve major injuries or damages, accident reconstructionists can help the injured person’s lawyer make the best case possible for the jury. They can provide their opinions in sworn testimony in depositions or at trial. As you might expect, computer software is often used by people who work in this field.

Accident reconstruction is also used by federal and state agencies, as well as vehicle manufacturers, to identify safety problems and to test ways to improve those problems.

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