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Gold cart manufacturer Garcia is currently recalling their gold and courtesy battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) because they catch fire. These carts have a defective fuse that can overheat and melt while the golf cart is charging.

Garcia is a Danish company that manufacturers luxury golf carts.

Since carts are usually charged overnight in covered structures like garages or sheds, this is a particularly dangerous hazard.  You don’t need a fire torching your home in the middle of the night when a small electrical fire can readily burn out of control.

The golf carts being recalled were manufactured by Garcia between 2010-2019.  The models are the Golf, Golf 2+2, Courtesy 4 and Courtesy 4+2.  If you own one, check the VIN number to see if you have one of the models that are defective.

These golf carts were originally sold at Garcia dealers nationwide between January of 2010 and September of 2019 for $15,000 to $75,000.  Garcia has not reported how many defective products it has sold but you can bet that insurers that have paid for fire losses involving a golf cart will be making subrogation claims against Garcia for their losses.

If you have one of these defective golf carts, you need to stop charging it immediately. Contact Garcia or a Garcia dealer to schedule a free repair. Even though Garcia is contacting consumers by direct mail and email, it’s still a very good idea to check your own carts VIN, especially if you purchased the golf cart secondhand or used.

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