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Dear Richard,

In December, 1984 you represented me like a Superhero.

My case was the first civil lawsuit in Santa Clara County for child molestation. I was just 6 years old.

Despite the bad feeling I had with the trauma I had endured, you went out of your way to make sure I would be at ease. Reflecting back, I remember feeling you were a family friend, that genuinely cared for both me and my mother’s well-being.

It was comforting that you reassured me that the predator was never going to hurt me again.

My mother said the trial was like a “made for T.V. Perry Mason moment.”  After he testified in court denying he had molested me, you forced him to read out loud to the jury a letter he had written for his criminal case confessing to the molestation.  Don’t know how you found that letter or why the lawyer defending him in our case didn’t know about it.

My mother said you fought hard for me. From what she has told me, you have a great deal of passion and worked hard to make sure we made it the finish line with a victory.

In the end I won. Thank you for being a great lawyer for a young child and also a caring man.

My mother has always said “You are a good man.”  I agree 100%: a very good man.

With Love and Gratitude,

Amber McGreevy