The front fender bolt on the Trek Super Commuter+ Electric Bicycles can unthread, causing the front wheel to detach.  The defect is the result of the wrong bolt being installed to secure the front fender to the fork crown. It has caused one known spinal cord injury.

Although the company is based in Waterloo, Wisconsin, 99% of the bikes made by Trek Bicycle Corporation are manufactured outside of the U.S., largely in China and Taiwan and sold under the names Trek and Electric Bike Company.

Currently 2,840 of these 2017-2019 Trek Super Commuter+ 8S e-bikes are being recalled: the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Super Commuter+ 8S models.

These bikes can be identified by the word “Trek” printed on the downtube. Additionally, these bikes have an integrated battery and motor, sold in Viper Red with black decals and in a variety of sizes from 45/S through 60/XL.

These E-bikes, capable of 16 to 28 mph, were initially sold at independent bicycle stores and online from June of 2017 through June of 2019 for about $5,200.  Local Bay Area dealers include high-end bicycle vendors: Palo Alto Bicycle, Summit, Bicycle Garage, The Bicycle Outfitter, Walt’s Cycle, Hyland Family Bicycle and Sun Bike Shop. If you have one of these defective electric bicycles, stop riding it immediately and take it to any of these Trek retailers for a free inspection and repair.

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