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Sorry for this morbid note, but in earthquake country you would expect everyone would anchor TVs and furniture to walls. Not so. This past week we had two calls involving a child injured by an overturned TV and another by a dresser that tipped-over.

Fortunately, these two children survived, but an astounding that 80 percent all furniture, TV and appliance tip-over fatalities involve children who are five years old and younger.

In more than half of those cases, the child was crushed by the weight of the television, furniture or appliance. The majority of these wrongful deaths was the result of a head injury.

Annually 11,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for serious injuries caused by overturning appliances and furniture.

Landlords renting furnished houses and apartments, parents and caregivers must

  • Anchor furniture and bookcases to the wall.
  • Anchor TVs with wall mounts or place low bases.
  • Avoiding storing items such as toys and remotes on shelving where children will be tempted to climb
  • Store heavier items on lower shelves or in low drawers.
  • Keep TV and/or cable cords out of reach of children.

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