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Keep your holidays happy by knowing that you can and will be injured without being careful.  Does that sound like a damper?  Far better to think about it now than to suffer serious injuries, be scarred from burns and burned out of your apartment or home as a result of a cooking fire or Christmas decorations going up in flames.  Once the fire bell rings, it cannot be unrung.

Last year there were 1,800 reported Thanksgiving cooking fires in the United States, many caused by attempting to deep fry a turkey.  Makes you wonder what the real number is.

Best safety practice: always set up your fryer with a solid base to avoid spills.  Outdoor rigs need to be set away from your home.  Protect yourself from heavy splatter by carefully and slowly lowering a dry turkey into hot oil, the most dangerous step in the process.  Unsupervised cooking over open flames easily result in an uncontrolled fire.  And keep the kids away.  Eternal vigilance pays off.

In 2018 there were 18,100 people treated in emergency rooms for holiday decoratioj-related injuries and five died.  Throw out old Christmas tree light strands using incandescent bulbs, especially if they have broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires or any loose connections.  Go with LED strands and only use lights tested for safety by a nationally recognized testing laboratory. Christmas trees should be watered daily.

Alexander Law Group, LLP attorneys are always ready to answer questions and share the results of our research and experience with the public. As safety lawyers, our goal is to make a difference for our clients and our community.