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The National Institute for Consumer Education is a service arm of the College of Education at Eastern Michigan University. NICE is a professional development center and resource clearinghouse in consumer, economic and personal finance education.

The mission of NICE is to empower people through education to become informed consumers, reasoned decision makers and participating citizens in a global marketplace. Since its establishment in 1973, NICE has served as an advocate for consumer education in the nationþs schools, workplaces and communities.

NICE strengthens and promotes consumer education in the following ways:

* conducts professional development courses, conferences, workshops andpresentations for classroom teachers and other educators

* manages a library and clearinghouse of educational materials, including videos,teaching guides, software, periodicals, reports, pamphlets and books.

* publishes educational materials including teaching guides, newsletters, annotatedresource lists and research reports

* provides consultant services to individuals, agencies, organizations andcorporations in the development of educational programs and materials.

* serves as a catalyst for public policy support of consumer, economic and personalfinance education.

Target audiences include K-12 classroom teachers, adult and community educators and college faculty and students. In addition, NICE works with business and labor educators, government service providers and the media to further its goal of strengthening and promoting consumer education.

Since 1976, NICE has served as an Economic Education Center at Eastern Michigan University, in the network of university centers of the National Council on Economic Education.

Since 1991, NICE has served as the Adjunct ERIC Clearinghouse for Consumer Education, a national information system for education practitioners operated by the United States Department of Education.

Eastern Michigan University provides basic operational funds for NICE. Additional support comes from corporations, associations, foundations, governments and individuals through grants, contracts, fees and contributions. Funding sources include:

American Cyanamid Company

American Express Foundation


AT&T Foundation

AT&T Universal Card Services Corp.

Avon Products Foundation

Coca-Cola U.S.A.


Consumers Power Company

Dayton- Hudson Department Stores

Detroit-Edison Foundation

Ford Motor Company Fund

General Motors Corporation

Hygrade Food Products

K-mart Corporation

La-Z-Boy Chair Company

MasterCard International

Michigan Association of Insurance Companies

Michigan Department of Education

Mott Foundation

National Council on Economic Education

National Council on Life Insurance

National Futures Association

NBD Bancorp

NCCE/AT&T Credit Education Fund


Proctor & Gamble

SOCAP, Great Lakes Chapter

Synovus Financial Corporation

The Hastings Group

TRW Information Services

U.S. Department of Education


National Institute for Consumer Education

207 Rackham Building

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Telephone:(313) 487-2292

Fax:(313) 487-7153

E mail:[email protected]