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Alexander Law Group, LLP, LLP represents 150 former IBM “clean room” workers at San Jose and Fishkill, New York who have cancer or whose families include children with severe birth defects. The first case is scheduled for trial on January 10, 2001 against IBM and its chemical suppliers.

One of our clients worked in Materials Analysis in San Jose from 1966 to 1979. Of his 14 co-employees, 6 have died of brain tumors, intestinal cancer and leukemia. Two have bone tumors. Other IBM workers have testicular, ovarian, uterine, breast, skin, kidney, and bladder cancers, as well as Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

The workers claim they were exposed to carcinogenic chemicals: photoresists, epoxy resin products, “cellosolve,” TCE, methylene chloride, freon and other solvents. Carcinogens cause cancer after years of small, daily exposures. The latency period between toxic exposure and cancer can be as long as twenty years.

Birth defects in children of IBM “clean room” workers include central nervous system injuries, microcephaly, blindness, and deformed bones, among others. According to the lawsuits, children with birth defects had either their mother or father at the time of conception working in an IBM “clean room” manufacturing products or their mother during pregnancy worked with these chemicals and there is no history of birth defects in their family.

Anyone who worked at IBM San Jose, Fishkill, NY or Essex Junction, VT may be in a position to provide valuable information to assist co-workers and their families. Please call or email us.*

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